Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I am long overdue for the next update. So here it is. Things over the past month have been hectic and creating long days for all of us! I started going back to school and survived the first two days just fine after a very busy weekend going to school on Monday just wasn’t an option. I went Tuesday and by Tuesday night was feeling ill again. So upon our doctors’ appointment on Thursday it was suggested that I no longer go to school. I was pretty bummed out. That Friday I had a horrible allergic reaction to my medication I was on after being on it for months, building up a drug resistance. So as planned I switched to amoxicillin. As I started that I was also able to attend school for 3 hours two days in a row to take my regents exams for English. With that I was able to see friends and the lovely nurses who always provide me with the best of care! The next day I was able to start tutoring again for school and was greatly excited to get back on my game.

The next day (a Friday) I was having extreme stomach pains and not being able to sleep due to the pain. I was absolutely exhausted and felt like I was being attacked from all angles of my body. I didn’t know what to do next! We called the doctor and he said I should stop taking the amoxicillin for the weekend. I had also been noticing hives and skin rashes while I was on this and now it is thought I could be potentially allergic to the amoxicillin. What a weekend! Bringing us to present: I had a phone appointment with my doctor in Armonk and he suggested a new neurologist to look over the case and see what he had to offer. Because of my considerably weakened stomach they do not believe oral antibiotic treatment is feasible at this time and they are thinking about IV treatment and a follow up with my Primary was suggested as well. Now there is talk of either a port or another picc line and long term IV treatment due to all of the complications with the oral and the fact I may be allergic to another commonly used oral antibiotic. Which is a little discouraging to us due to the fact we all are getting sick of me being sick and striving so hard to get better! Now I am starting to feel a little lousier everyday and I am feeling weak and tired and just wanting to lie in bed again. Hopefully they will pinpoint a new treatment and I will be able to feel like myself again soon.

Again, I apologize for my lack of writing but it’s really due to the fact I don’t want to write when I am feeling horrible and just not up to telling everyone how yucky I feel day in and day out. Hopefully I will be finding my hope and strength to write more and update frequently.

Hoping all of you are doing well,