Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hit in the head and re-thinking life.

These last two weeks have been amazing to say the least.

I got to see normalcy at it's highest point the week before last and experienced a normal vacation with my family filled with kayaking, hiking, swimming a 1/2 mile to elephant rock- with a life jacket on and someone swimming beside me... But getting it done was just amazing since I had wanted to do it since I was a little kid. 

Although it was a little upsetting when the vacation turned sour Thursday night starting with a very bad headache and losing all of my motor skills and ultimately having seizure like activity and ending up walking with a cane again. Although that did not spoil the vacation and it was truly a great week with wonderful weather.

Then after consulting with my doctor he said I could go to camp for the next week and it was for sure something that turned around how I think and changed me forever. I feel even though I missed the last night due to three seizures and extreme fatigue- the week over-all was absolutely amazing. 

Not a thought goes through my mind that doesn't get thought again in another retrospect I have learned so much about my faith and everything that goes in it. If you get a chance something that really hit me was the Reach 4 Life program that was brought up in the sermon multiple times... Micah a guy who works with teens in Zambia, Africa was able to bring us with stories and connections to these kids across the world from us I was able to purchase a t-shirt and support this ministry by giving a kid a bible. I am amazed by the lack of awareness in so many areas of the medical field. This video is the video they were showing at the booth they had set up and I encourage you all to watch it and if you can invest in this and support the program $10 will purchase a bible for a teenager who is in school and going through the reach 4 life program. Giving them a message on purity based on the New Testament.

Another group that I met was the Tommee Profitt band they were there for Junior High but I got the chance to 
meet this group of men. The three guys were an encouragement to me and showed me a lot through their compassion and kindness. I was really blessed to meet them and after ending up in the hospital with 3 seizures episodes I was able to pray with them and see their love of God really pour out. Their outgoing spirits and
the will they had to go past their music to really reach out to teens was awesome.

So all I can say is I am blessed with the opportunities I have been given. I continue to pray that soon this broken road will be over and I am so thankful for all of the love and support poured out during this last week at camp.

- Victoria

Spot-Light Person:
Now if you're just tuning in due to the fact that you got a bracelet at NTS camp- I would like to say I spot-light one person each day I 

Tonight I would like to spot-light Jimi of the Tommee Profitt Band

Jimi was the first guy I met with the band and his kindness really 
showed through everything. He went out of his way to get a t-shirt 
for one of our councilors and was able to be part of my prayer with me my last day. His light of God really shows and the way he 
displayed his life was amazing and really life changing towards
me. I am really glad I got to meet him and hope that some day I can display the self-less compassion as well as I saw displayed towards me.