Sunday, July 26, 2009

Give us pure hearts

My prayer not only for myself but for my friends as well has been give us pure hearts. I find that so often I feel myself slipping in a sense. Finding other things that distract me from my relationship and focus with God. Even things that are good can be bad when God's position isn't top any more. I am finding it is challenging when you want to spend time with everyone especially family but start taking away from the time that is alotted for God.

I just ask that you pray for focus in our generation- the generation across the line anyone who is living right now is part of this generation I speak of, young and old. I feel that more than ever we need to help our Christian values arise and I just ask that you join me in prayer to focus our hearts and minds on our purpose for the Lord.

God Bless!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Dear New York City,

Thank you for inspiring my love for art. It made me feel quite wonderful inside. I have a secret love for your obscure smells and unique fashion taste. Your homeless men that sneeze to get attention from you. You're a fabulous little city you are. Even in the rain you seem to amuse me in such a way that is indescribable. Through the people and the filth and the pigeons as well. The unique culture in china town topped it all off. It was a unique vacation for sure.
Another one of those tourists

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New York City.

A real vacation for a change. Out of the blue we decided to pack our bags up and head to New York City until Friday this week. Plans got changed and I was unable to go to a camp so why not make use of my mom's vacation time she had to take? Off to a relaxing vacation in the big city.

Maybe I will see some talking street objects.

Have you seen these waterfalls placed in the city?

Some more links to keep you busy:

I think these thought bubbles are ingenious.

I love this wedding video.

Have you seen this cute shop? I love their unique stuff. Remember these chalkboards? I used to use them in reading class!

This girl is totally awesome! I really like her style and her voice.

A good laugh.

This dad is so awesome! I love reading about his daughter and the things he makes her!

Have a fabulous week!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars. -Og Mandino

Yesterday evening at my friend's graduation party I stood astonished at the beauty of the stars. That breathless feeling you get just gazing up into space. It seems so infinite and timeless so peaceful. Even with the world around me busy and full of movement it took just moments to whisk me off my feet and into astonishment as I stared into the depths of the stars. Peace and simplicity. Such small dots filling the sky are so miraculous to me. I can only thank my heavenly father for whisking me off my feet last night and asking me to dance with him in the stars...

Friday, July 17, 2009


I have been thinking a lot about the reflections of relationships on our lives and how choices we make whether dating, friendship, or even how we treat our family members effect us in the long run. I have observed in my own personal life and the lives of others how making bad decisions has created hardship and sometimes I feel it may have even messed with God's vision for my life at that time. When he might have slipped from one to ALMOST one.... With that I have noticed there are many different types of images you might send out being a Christian and I often ask myself, am I doing this action for acceptance or because it is the right thing to do. This passage below from I Kissed Dating Goodbye By: Joshua Harris really hit home for me and I wanted to share!

"We may never model high fashion in New York or Paris, but as Christians we model God's love to the world. Understanding this role profoundly affects our approach to relationships, especially our dating relationships. When dating, we represent God's love, not only to the other person in the relationship, but also to the people watching us.

As Christians, we need to remember that God's perfect love is not only for our benefit. A model wears clothing to attract attention to the designer's creativity. The model displays the designer's work, but the designer's reputation, not the model's is on the line. In the same way, as Christians, we model God's love, whether or not we realize it. People watch us, and what they see affects God's reputation for loving His creation. If we claim to follow Christ then wear the world's twisted style of love, we drag the name and character of our Lord in the dirt.

For this reason, we must ask ourselves, "Am I modeling the love of Christ? Do my motivations and actions in this relationship reflect the perfect love God has shown me?""
excerpt from novel: I Kissed Dating Goodbye Author: Joshua Harris Page: 65

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Giveaway Week?

While I was browsing blogs I came across some fabulous giveaways! Check them out.

Remember Kelsey? A friend I made here in the blogging world who helped promote my Christmas thing for Lymies? Well she's having a
Yogurt giveaway! You should definitely check it out!

I thought this bracelet was absolutely fabulous and unique to boot! Go check it out.

Musette Bracelet GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

After Sewing Class I have had a new appreciation for sewn items! This skirt is adorable and I would definitely enjoy winning it.
Twenty minute Simple Skirt Tutorial AND GIVEAWAY!!!!: "Tuesday, June 16, 2009
20 Minute Simple Skirt Tutorial AND GIVEAWAY!!!!

Did you ever have a piece of fabric you loved but didn't have any idea how to use it? Any leftovers from a previous project? Bought too much of a bolt you just had to have but never found a use for? If you're anything like me you either buy too much or too little.

First thing's first, DON'T GO OUT"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blog Hop- Three things you don't know about me.

Alright so I saw this lovely idea and thought I would give it a try! I am not entirely sure I am doing it correct however here I go!
Three things things you probably don't know about me.

Upon visiting Roberts Wesleyan College- the college I am going to be attending in the fall I absolutely hated the campus and didn't want anything to do with it. I told my mom there was no way I would go there. After praying about it and really deeply thinking about it- I started to like it and when I visited a second time- it TIED with my first choice! Now I am going to be calling the school home for the next four years.

2. My weakness is visiting this blog and I do so almost daily. I can't help it!

3. My biggest fear is not of death or something like that but more of the dentist. Seriously.

MckLinky Blog Hop


So I have been on the look out for a new bed spread and I found this awesome vintage one that was woven. It was a decent price and it was really neat. I conversation the woman and it's the size for a full sized bed. Doesn't that just put a cramp in ones style.

Decorating for the dorms hasn't been high on my priority list lately but here is another little feedback section from all of you. Do you think I could make a big bedspread work? Or would it be too big? Are there any other sites that have cheap wonderful accessories for the home? I need all of the help I can get!

Also- I am collecting simple, cheap recipes to put a recipe book together with some friends. So if you have one feel free to e-mail me here. Thanks you ladies are all fabulous!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


So I have to admit in the last few years I have become a sucker for flowers and it will probably just get worse as I get older. Something that was just a mere thing to die in water on a counter has now mesmerized me and caught my eye. Something about the thought of flowers being created or just staring at the very pigment of each petal amazes me. I am just so amazed at the timeless leaves and petals of flowers how green and wonderful they look and how vibrant each petal is. How some look as though they are satin and glisten in the sunlight. I am just amazed at how unique each flower is. I love them. Here are a few photos from around our house. Enjoy!

Pray for Kate McRae - Update Part II

Here is a second update on this precious little girl. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. God is good and he is blessing this family! Thank you for your prayers.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The summer days

It's in the uncertainty of the weather and the garden so green that I find summer unique and beautiful.

The weather hasn't been perfect- with just a slight breeze, sun out every day however the rain falls has helped our garden grow in such a way that it has been wonderful. I never knew how wonderful it feels to eat fresh peas and enjoy the growth of flowers. I am enjoying this summer more than any before and I think it's the feeling of being able to be content and know just of today. I am finding that I have to relax and trust in myself more than anything else- I know my body and I need to honor that.

The thoughts of moving away and off to college are daunting to say the least and something I am not too entirely sure if I am excited about but I know it will be good. I am trusting in God that everything I is part of his ultimate plan. I know that the courses will be tough and I cannot believe I will be going to school full time for the first time this fall. Seems surreal in some strange sense. Already this summer I am finding that emotions of everything have been somewhat high and things around the house a bit hectic. I am trying to make choices that are good for all involved and understand everything that will be done.

I would like opinions about dating. This is something that seems to be a controversial issue in my household as of late and I am caught up being concerned of everything in the college setting. I have felt taking the first year with absolutely no dating is something I can do and I will honor and know in my heart it's something I want- no distractions of a relationship to worry of and honestly do not want to date again, until I am considering marriage. However my mother feels the first two years should be set aside for fun and not getting too caught up in a relationship. It is something we have kind of discussed and now I feel a bit worried one year may not be long enough. What is your advice on this? What are your dating opinons?!

And at last- I have changed my blog settings for this new chapter in my life. Hope you enjoy what I did. :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Small Children

As I was walking with our neighbor girl I watched her little legs that were walking with me. I guess it was then I could make sense of why God would make little kids have so much energy. They need that energy to keep up. For every stride I took she had to take two or three that's two times as much energy. I have been blessed with this little girl in my life to remind me how fragile time is- it seems as though just yesterday and I was the little girl who couldn't keep up and couldn't be slowed down. I enjoy spending this time with her. Quality time if you will, it frustrates me sometimes because I just want her to understand or act older but in essence it reminds me that I have grown up. No matter how much I long in my heart to stay young. I have grown up and it's still okay to be immature once in awhile.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Pray for Kate McRae

Please join me lifting up this little girl in prayer. Childhood cancer is something that has become near and dear to the blogging world.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So summer colds are an oxymoron. Since it's hot outside and you have a cold. Actually the simple statement of cold is an oxymoron since, colds usually come with fevers eventually and those require the rise of your body temperature. I am not feeling well nonetheless and did a little research and got a giggle out of this article however that's probably just from me being a nerd. I encourage helicopter like behavior from my mother this evening including but not limited to picking out the best supplements and Vitamin C for me to get better in the quickest and least painful way. I have opted out of drinking anything due to some unfortunate experience with hot sauce and some other ingredients. heh.