Saturday, July 11, 2009

The summer days

It's in the uncertainty of the weather and the garden so green that I find summer unique and beautiful.

The weather hasn't been perfect- with just a slight breeze, sun out every day however the rain falls has helped our garden grow in such a way that it has been wonderful. I never knew how wonderful it feels to eat fresh peas and enjoy the growth of flowers. I am enjoying this summer more than any before and I think it's the feeling of being able to be content and know just of today. I am finding that I have to relax and trust in myself more than anything else- I know my body and I need to honor that.

The thoughts of moving away and off to college are daunting to say the least and something I am not too entirely sure if I am excited about but I know it will be good. I am trusting in God that everything I is part of his ultimate plan. I know that the courses will be tough and I cannot believe I will be going to school full time for the first time this fall. Seems surreal in some strange sense. Already this summer I am finding that emotions of everything have been somewhat high and things around the house a bit hectic. I am trying to make choices that are good for all involved and understand everything that will be done.

I would like opinions about dating. This is something that seems to be a controversial issue in my household as of late and I am caught up being concerned of everything in the college setting. I have felt taking the first year with absolutely no dating is something I can do and I will honor and know in my heart it's something I want- no distractions of a relationship to worry of and honestly do not want to date again, until I am considering marriage. However my mother feels the first two years should be set aside for fun and not getting too caught up in a relationship. It is something we have kind of discussed and now I feel a bit worried one year may not be long enough. What is your advice on this? What are your dating opinons?!

And at last- I have changed my blog settings for this new chapter in my life. Hope you enjoy what I did. :)


Jennifer said...

When I went to college, I went to college already dating a guy. He wasn't the perfect guy for me and I knew it. It just took distance and my own personal growth to realize it.

Once we broke up (IE I left him) I had decided I was going to go on a dating respite of sorts. It wasn't even two months when I found the guy that I was *really* interested in. This guy turned out to be a God send during our dating time. Now while our relationship eventually did end, we remained friends.

I think you should let your heart lead you. Don't put "restrictions" on yourself because if you do, you may wind up regretting it later. I restricted myself in HS. I even somewhat restricted myself in college. Those are regrets that I can't take back.

So think of two thoughts: 1. Will I regret this now? 2. Will I regret this later.

If the answer is "possibly" or "yes" to either one. You need to rethink the decisions you're making! :) Hope that helped.

BoufMom9 said...

I LOVE the new look of your blog. Very pretty :)

Sorry i have no been around much either. Things have been so hectic with moving that i haven't had much time for anything. UGH

I dated my now husband when i was in college and it was distracting, but i have no other things to look at as an example.
I think you just have to trust in the Lord and as things happen, to accept them.