Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So I have been on the look out for a new bed spread and I found this awesome vintage one that was woven. It was a decent price and it was really neat. I conversation the woman and it's the size for a full sized bed. Doesn't that just put a cramp in ones style.

Decorating for the dorms hasn't been high on my priority list lately but here is another little feedback section from all of you. Do you think I could make a big bedspread work? Or would it be too big? Are there any other sites that have cheap wonderful accessories for the home? I need all of the help I can get!

Also- I am collecting simple, cheap recipes to put a recipe book together with some friends. So if you have one feel free to e-mail me here. Thanks you ladies are all fabulous!


Julie said...

If your bed is against the wall, you could let the extra bedspread hang behind your bed where you don't see it. The length should be the same, so it wouldn't affect that. I agree, it's beautiful.

Jennifer said...

I use a full sized bedspread on my twin bed in my spare bedroom. In fact, I prefer to use the full sized to the twin because it allows it to blanket towards the floor (meaning you can't see all the junk UNDER the bed)> :D

Jennifer said...

Victoria, it's really simple. well .. sort of. :D


That may answer some questions.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Julie and Jennifer... a full size would be fine. You might also checkout Linens and Things: http://www.lnt.com/

LAter missy, Makayla