Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Small Children

As I was walking with our neighbor girl I watched her little legs that were walking with me. I guess it was then I could make sense of why God would make little kids have so much energy. They need that energy to keep up. For every stride I took she had to take two or three that's two times as much energy. I have been blessed with this little girl in my life to remind me how fragile time is- it seems as though just yesterday and I was the little girl who couldn't keep up and couldn't be slowed down. I enjoy spending this time with her. Quality time if you will, it frustrates me sometimes because I just want her to understand or act older but in essence it reminds me that I have grown up. No matter how much I long in my heart to stay young. I have grown up and it's still okay to be immature once in awhile.

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