Thursday, February 4, 2010


Well, there hasn't been much book talk on here- however in daily life there has been LOTS of book talk. I really wanted some photographs to depict the life I have been living and what exactly has been going on especially if I was going to include some within the book and what not. So I was absolutely elated when Megan agreed to do some photos for me! She met up with me in the morning and then we got together with friends later on to play a game of Taboo at a cafe in the city near my college. She was an excellent photographer and we all commented on how we totally forgot we all were being photographed. Very exciting! Enjoy!


Tamara said...

Beautiful Photos that REALLY reveal the truth of your walk! Thank you for sharing!

Franky said...

These photos are stunning! Very pure, very powerful. Thank you for sharing these, Vic.

Sending Love,

Franky :-)