Friday, November 11, 2011

Bad Luck? A Blessing?

It was around 8:00 at work and I began feeling like my throat was swelling up... I started shaking and shivering... I felt awful by 9:00pm.

I thought: not again! After being sick multiple times and spiking high (102-104) fevers over the past few months... I thought: I must make it through the end of my shift. I don't want to have another sick day. The next day I ended up in the ER.

My dad accuses me of not taking care of my body. I think about it: and really, I have! I have tried so hard to eat healthy, I don't drink, I don't smoke... I run if I don't feel like crap. I don't get it!

So after many breakdowns and a lot of doctors discussing possible relapse of the dreaded Lyme, maybe something going on with my thyroid... Or something else! Here I sit, a few days later realizing: I have had some really good years the past few years. And I am still extremely blessed.

I heard a song on the radio last night as I was driving home from work and it talked about healing the wound but leaving the scar. I wondered: even if I am healed: I still might have the scar of a weak immune system and an overly dramatic body that whenever it gets an infection: it goes crazy and spikes a high temp! But, I am walking, I have held my job despite some of the worst chapters of my life unfolding, I can run! And I am closer with God than I have ever been before.

And for this... Even in the midst of what an outsider may call: bad luck I will say: I am blessed.

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Victoria said...

So sorry! I got the flu last week and ended up in the ER because I was so sick. Like you said, when I get sick I really get sick from my weak immune system cause of Lyme. Hope every thing is okay.