Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who Am I?

I have been sick for the last 3 days with a flu ontop of everything else that has been going on.

So with great discomfort today I was reading e-mails and going over things when I stopped and thought about all the things in the past that I have overcome and how this is only one more hurdle. For who am I for God to take mercy upon my life and listen to me as I pray.

I have been doing a spot-light person and for the next month at least my spot-light is God. How he has worked in my life and how he has changed who I am. I place my 100% faith in him.

I feel my greatest time of peace are the moments spent in worship the hours spent reading my bible and I feel a great amount of peace. So to God I give my blog and my life to turn around to worship him.

Each week I will post a new worship song and what it means to me.

This worship song is a symbol of camp and the one night that speaks out to me now is Who am I and What is your name? It was a message on overcoming your past- and letting your idenity change.

One of the main messages at camp was the statement:
"What I think, reveals who I am."
So if I am willing to change what I think... It can ultimately change who I am.
Transform. Not conform.

Worshiping tonight,


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