Friday, October 23, 2009

Falling in love all over again

The last week I have been having a really hard time surrendering to God...
So frequently I have wanted to hold my health tight in my hands gripping the last things of which I feel I can control. However slowly I am beginning to realize it's only by God's grace I am here and it's by his will I will finish college.

Today especially I have found myself praying and spending time with God and just thinking about how awesome he is. I realized all of a sudden that when I have began to rely on my own strength and take things into my own will I slowly have become weaker and become confused more easily. I was telling some friends how much I missed my time with God the time to bond with him and understand and I guess, the only way I can define the last few days is falling in love all over again.

As I laid in bed tonight I was listening to the song You're Not Alone by Meredith Andrews and I realized that no matter how alone I feel on this campus... Or how abandoned I feel by people one constant continues to remain and that's God... I have found myself staring out the window at the changing of the seasons and the trees and just in constant awe of the things God does.

Even when all hope seems lost there is a sweeter thing to believe in and tonight I am finding that's where my comfort is. Just spending time with Jesus!

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Joy said...

Victoria, you are one wise young woman. If only I could've had half the wisdom at your age that you have!

Thanks for sharing this post. It has the potential to touch so many people of all ages and bless them to no end.