Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I am worth it... So are YOU!

Okay, so here goes round two of trying to post this... Ever hear someone say: you're worth it.

I hear it a lot. So much that I don't believe it.

Not one bit.

You are worth the big dreams. Whatever that dream is... Take it, grasp it, and run with it! No matter how crazy it is... You can do it!

I was talking to a man today and I found myself saying: I can't, I might fail, I can't imagine if I actually...

Yeah, I might fail. Actually, it's highly probable I would. But I am worth that failure.

Because one time... I will succeed and for that moment: every defeat will fade away. The success will conquer that failure and drive it away. And poof: just like that I will be successful.

Never-mind how many times I fell on my face...

Your parents don't talk about the 100's of times you fell on your diapered bottom. We just know that we're successful in walking now. Even as a person that learned how to walk multiple times in my life... We don't dwell in the past. They don't talk about the days that I barely could drag my feet across the floor. Or how I would get frustrated and angry.

We talk about the runs I go on and the victory I face.

So if you're scared... Just remember, your fear is holding you back from being a victor.

You have failed before, but you're on the cusp of something great!!

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