Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In the Belly of the Beasts by Friday!

Hey Book group and others!

This week we're going to move on to chapter 12 which is in the belly of the beasts. How do you guys like the book so far? What are your thoughts of papa? Is this what you expected would happen? How have you viewed God up to this point and is this book opening your mind and broadening what you see for eternal life? Just some thoughts... I think personally the book has really opened me up to be more accepting of different thoughts and how it looks because we will never really know, it's really interesting to read and see what Mack is experiencing. What are your thoughts?

Monday I went on a college visit to Roberts Wesleyan college. At first by going I wasn't sure of the campus and how I would like things after visiting the school all I can say is wow! It was not what I expected at all and I am filling out another application. They have an awesome psych program and I am really interested in what they have to offer. They seemed really open about things and the tour was amazing. Although I didn't think the tours really had that much weight on the school I realized how much the tour I took at Houghton was lacking. Although the tour at Roberts was lead by an admissions counselor and the one at Houghton was lead by a student and I think that also plays a huge role. Both schools have very unique things to offer a student and the ratio's are both 14:1. I think I will be back at Roberts to see the classroom setting and what the classes are like. So far it is ranked highly in my book and if you're thinking about majoring in psych I would definitely check out this campus!

This very thrilling process of going through the college search is very interesting and challenging. I am excited to be able to start a new chapter in my life but nervous of all of the change yet to come. Last night I got home from school so tired I went to bed at 5 waking up later to just head back to bed a few hours later. During the time I was awake I realized I have so much work to be done and so little time to complete it! There is a Lyme Walk meeting to be planned for this Friday, college application to be filled out and scholarships to apply for. Let alone catching up with my classes at school because I missed four days of school last week. I am hoping to have the final draft of my book done or pretty near done by December. So for all of you who love my blog, I am hoping to complete a book with work from the blog by next year.

This all is such a crazy experience and you only get to be a senior once. I have heard from so many people that senior year was their favorite and I guess their comments don't leave me guessing why! I am starting to really love it too. Although it is so intense and there is so much work to be done it's just one year off from starting something completely different and life changing.

If you would like to come to the Lyme Walk meeting and be part of this years planning committee it's this Friday at 6:30 at the Big Flats Community Center. For more information about the Lyme Walk, or to get on our e-mailing list about upcoming events and latest news... Please e-mail us at and we will get back to you.

Have an awesome week and I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend!


P.S. This week I would like to ask you to pray for the Wyand family. I haven't talked to them in a very long time but- like me Fahris is also starting back to school after being out for a very long time. She is a young lady full of spunk and fight. I am really glad that I got to meet their family and I would just ask if you have a few moments to find her blog (it's listed under the other journeys on the left hand side of this page.) This families journey of faith and courage is really inspirational and I know after leaving the hospital it can be very difficult to remember that you're still in people's prayers and thoughts. So if you could just pray for their family that would be awesome. Thanks!

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Kori said...

I have really enjoyed reading this book so far. I started reading it for the end-of-life class I am taking as we have to read a book that deals with death and dying. I am really getting excited to write my paper and talk about how Mack dealt with his daughter's death before his experience with Papa and than afterward. I think that chapter 9 and his experience in the garden with Sarayu is leading up to something happening to help bring him final closure (if that is the right word).
I think the book has really impacted my view on relationship and how relationships were meant to function (like that between Sarayu, Papa and Jesus) and how they actually do function in the world.
I also found chapter 11 to be a real eye opener. How easy it is for us to judge time after time, but to really understand what it means to judge someone can be a huge eye opener.
I'm really glad that you picked this book Victoria-I am enjoying it a lot! If anyone has ideas I can throw into my paper on how Mack dealt/deals with Katie's death I would be most appreciative!