Saturday, October 4, 2008


Although things have been hectic I am settling into going to school and enjoying most every day of the week! I have been having a hard time keeping up with the pace of school but things are finally starting to pan out. I have been making work up since what seems forever. I keep catching nasty colds and having bouts of illness throughout everything. Although hopefully this will just boost my immune system for later on. Like going off to college! As I have looked back on previous comments and posts and I got a very thought provoking comment- from someone who I shall keep their identity unknown. They left their e-mail to have me respond back as to why all of their comments had been deleted. Now their comment has laid heavy on my heart for days and it has been awhile since I have posted mainly trying to decide how to approach this comment. Now upon deleting comments I usually read them and try to grasp their comment and I feel if anyone else is wondering why their comment has been deleted look at the below list of things that could be included as to why your comment did not stay posted on the page:

1. If your tone of your comment is rude, hurtful, or putting down in any way to either me or others.
2. The comment has personal information included in it such as a telephone number, e-mail address or screen name.

I feel that the comments I have removed have been removed for a personal reason and I don't feel it needs further discussion. It is my blog and I will add or remove information as I see put.

Health wise I have been getting better I feel. I have been off antibiotics for a week now and feel about the same I will be going on some supplements as of next week but the amount of medications I take will be considerably lower. I can only give praise to God for my health slowly being returned. I am very confident about going away to college next year and the stepping blocks of becoming a normal teen once again!

Book club! I want to hear your opinions! I know I didn't update but I was hoping if you didn't talk to me you would continue on to chapters 5&6 we will now move on to chapter 10 this week. If getting to that point is difficult to anyone please let me know! I want to hear from all of you though! If you're interested in reading another similar book and if you have any suggestions for the next book. I personally would like to read another Christian based book. If anyone has a book that they couldn't put down or one they have heard fantastic reviews about please let me know so I can consider it. I hope to hear what you all think and if you would like, let's all guess the future of what will happen next and the moments in the shack! I hope you enjoy the book and are keeping up!

Have a fantastic week and Happy reading!

Also- hope you all are staying HEALTHY during this horrible flu and cold season!



everybodysaysdont said...

Glad to hear your health is better, hope it continues. Lots Of Love x

Anonymous said...

Hey Victoria,
I am reading a book called "Kiss the Girls and made them cry" here is the link:
It is a great book for women!

Also The Heavenly Man is a great book too!

These are both Christian books =)
Later gaiter, Makayla