Friday, February 20, 2009

Life through a shot glass

Shot Glasses to me are nothing special- however I asked some people what they thought of shot glasses.

To some they're a collectors item just as a special coin or a t-shirt they travel with them from place to place getting un-packed and packed as they move from house to house.

Others they are symbolically for drinking and they think of the amount of liquid they can consume in short periods of time.

Do I live my life through a shot glass? The moments spent with them are quick but for some the re-occurring to want to spend more time with this given shot glass are longer and longer. The shot glass soon isn't adequate for the person and isn't large enough to give them enough. I think this applies in a lot of senses I think we tend to be shot glass people. We're short in our actions and we have no intention- we could say a harsh blow or be a thick liquid before you know it they're gone but the lasting effects of what we let fill us lasts for awhile. Sometimes forever.

A shot glass to me is a symbol of Apple Cider Vinegar that I have to drink in order to keep my liver in check. The sting of the drink is horrible and it really is gross but the effect of that can help me potentially, forever. The other day I was taking my swig of Apple Cider Vinegar when I thought of how for some that little shot glass wasn't enough. If you were in the desert, and it was the only cup of water it would feel like so much. Yet, if it were filled with pennies, it might be invaluable. If the shot glass were filled with a high proof of alcohol it might be potent, however if it were filled with air it would be nothing. If the glass was made of gold it would be seen as more valuable than the glass made of plastic. Shot glasses are really not that large but when filled with the right item, or made of something special- they become so much more.

I don't know why but sometimes I wonder if I fill my life with the right things 100% of the time or if I am just another shot-glass to dust and put on the shelf.


Jinu P said...


You know what's a shot glass for me at this point? It is a crazy drunken evening with my girls at a local pub from where my best friend will come and pick me up in his car cuz I am SO-O-O dunk! :)

I would have said something deeper and more meaningful than that if I wasn't missing my friends so badly...

I repeat - BEAUTIFUL post :)

Noelle said...

Awesome post. I really enjoyed reading this. Very interesting. I will continue thinking about this till I fully understand it. I want to fill my shot glass with stuff that makes my life great.

Praying for you.
Love, Noelle

Amy B said...

You just really know how to wrote. What a wonderful post.