Monday, May 31, 2010


Deep within the souls of so many little girls there is a longing for their father to just tell them that they are beautiful. They put on dresses, and twirl and spin longing to hear their father say just once, how precious they are to them.

Over time little girls don't hear that word enough, that they are beautiful, precious, and something special. I think our culture has found a way to make everyone feel uncomfortable in who they are and what they do. They slowly they begin to believe the lies of the world, that they are junk that they are too fat or too skinny and they will never quite be enough. They either protect their hearts with steel or they protect them too softly and let the wrong people in or let no one in at all.

Slowly, we need to Come to Jesus

In the past few days I feel as though I have experienced first hand how horrible and wicked sin can be. God truly has something special when he looks at marriage and what it is meant to be. He has a special plan and a special masterpiece that he intends. I really believe that if you rush things that are not supposed to be- or if you don't listen intently to the Lord's planning you may find that you are following a path of un-righteousness that can lead to a broken heart and poor feelings. Though God has grace you must carry the wrath of the sin that you have done. We must follow out his will accordingly.

In Song of Songs it states: 8:14 Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.

I believe that is a context and a statement that as a society we are missing. We are missing how pure and beautiful God has intended love to be. Through our sins and through giving our pain and misery to others and not handing it over to God we are suffering great sin and great turmoil within our souls. It is saddening, and through those sins we must suffer the feeling of a broken heart and the feelings of I have done no right...

My prayer for the women and men reading this today is that:

Dear Lord,

Protect the innocence they still contain. Please dear God, show them your truth. Protecting them from the temptations of the evils of this world. Dear God, let them make time for you, let them fall passionately in love with you all over again, and let them just see your light and truth. Dear God, if they have had sin in the past that has lead them to a place of confusion or destruction, I ask that you heal them. I ask that you give them a peace that transcends all understanding. Let them know they are good enough and worthy of your love and guide them into a path of righteousness. Hold your children dear today, as you have held us all hold us in your hand and set us apart for our individual life journeys. God Bless us, and forgive us.

In your name,


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Kati said...


Kati Bailey here, I know this is about 3 months late, but you commented on one of my posts on "Wrecked for the Ordinary." You mentioned you were a fellow nurse and that I should shoot you an email, but the only problem is..I don't have your address :)

if you'd still like to chat about our common interests of loving Jesus and being in nursing school, hit me up !