Tuesday, May 25, 2010


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But I think it's true our generation is a generation of community and justice. We seek to have that provision of some sort of feeling that we have done good. Some call it what is our natural need but I believe God is moving for something larger in our generation.

Last night I went on a prayer walk and we ended up at the high school, we talked about the messes that are being dealt with at younger and younger ages. Kids in 3rd and 4th grade are being approached to smoke pot, do other drugs or have sex. Kids are having sex. That to me is extremely scary and upsetting in a lot of ways. I fear that the passion that is within our hearts will be extinguished if we don't take active steps as Christians to stand strong with them.

I cannot stand this apathy that has come over us we are giving way to satan by not standing strong in love and compassion for our fellow neighbors. We all look to the future and the things that we can do for missions trips, or festivals that are full of God... What happens when those days are too far away, what happens when our neighbors need loving people to step forward and take their children to church, to step forward when emergencies arise and watch them when you cannot? Are we really rising to the challenge of loving every single day as Christ loved?

What if we really did love every day like Christ loves us with no regard and no confusion just prayed to God for that love and freely gave it? I believe that is what needs to happen. We cannot let walls divide us, we cannot let fear rise within us. We must walk freely in the name of Christ.

I see the urgency in the hearts of my friends when we talk about big issues, the people of God are not sure what to do but above all else what happened to falling flat on our faces before our beloved father? We must remember and go back to our roots being fervent in prayer and thanksgiving. Praising the God who gives and takes away. He is so powerful and there is great power in HIS name. We need to be a church on fire once again. I am currently evaluating my life and wondering, what that means for me.

In closing a song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d61LamkXfwk. If you're in the Horseheads area and would like to pray for our town, please facebook me- we are going to try to meet by the High School and pray weekly if possible!

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