Monday, August 2, 2010

"Lyme Away"

On Wednesday I will be cutting my last pieces of Lyme away from my body. Well, I won't be but a surgeon will be!

My body slowly is getting used to this new lifestyle of no longer being ill and I have been feeling awesome! My runs have been going well and it is a new found opportunity to get alone with my creator. However, I have found that the last thing within my body that really screams my old sickness and arises many questions is my port. Many question why do you have a port? And as of Wednesday I can finally say I am totally IV free! Which is a huge step.

I cannot even begin to approach the things God has been doing within my life lately- I find that still among the lows of the summer God continues to reach out and pull me through. I have found new sickness and heartache and sometimes the greatest pain lately has been within my heart from looking at the world around me. I am humbled to be within the life that I have lived and I know that I am truly blessed with all that I have.

God continues to have His hand on so many things including the book that now finally should be going to print by December at the very latest and may be already getting looked at by a bigger publishing company! God is totally good.

May I never look back to the past with sorrow but with great joy knowing this is how far I have come. (Sorry about spelling if there are any problems, I am currently typing from an older computer that lacks spell check! :])

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Erin said...

WOOO! I'm so excited that you finally get to say ADIOS to that port!