Friday, September 3, 2010

Incredibly Blessed

As I was out on my run this afternoon. (Spoken like the true runner I am slowly becoming... Where when I have "OTR" days *other than running* I actually miss running,  The hours of 4-7 where practice is placed into my schedule feels totally right to run in no matter what the temperature outside is. My love for running only deepens when I feel the twinge of pushing myself beyond comfortable and into "FIRE". It's true... I was out on my run and have finally gotten the experience to say it casually as if it happens daily, because, well it does!) I finally got some of the fruits of being able to say I am improving a little... As I ran with a group of girls I started to realize it wasn't me getting passed EVERY time but it was me passing some of the other girls. I was actually surprised because I felt like it was easier than usual to break out into my run even though I had picked up my pace a little.

In my head, I realized I had been longing for this day for awhile, a day when I didn't feel like I had to force myself to drag a heavy body across the black top. I felt good, like actually felt good. Which is hard to explain when even though I felt alright on most other days I still felt kind of drained and just weak. I didn't realize those were the feelings until today, when I was out there and I was able to feel faster than usual.

Anyways, I pray constantly when I am out running- like if I am silent, chances are, in my head I am singing "Yes Lord, Yes Lord, Yes Yes Lord!" or reciting I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me... Or reviewing the lyrics to You are my All in All as this is our team song this year and I have been nervous that I won't remember the lyrics when we sing it as a team at the meets.

So anyways, as every single day I seem to get into my routine that I will go out for my run and I will just continuously pray to God to shine through my running and whatever that means that He will use me. It was to my great surprise when I stayed with everyone.

Then I passed where I usually chose to turn off and leave everyone else and then the next turn I saw everyone else pass by and I had a girl on my team behind me still and then I was pretty close to some of the other girls... The girl behind me said hey, I am going to go this way... And as I continued to run towards the other girls, I looked back to the other girl and I thought no one should run alone: and I ran back to be with her... I was humbled by the opportunity to pace another girl and to encourage her as she ran. I remember how so many times I felt lonely as I took those other turns and stuff and then as we were running I knew she was having shin pains and I was able to pray for her... I was humbled that God could use me, the girl who felt like maybe the experience on the team would just be making sure all the other girls felt good because they weren't' the slowest...

It transformed my view a little into realizing, sometimes it's not about the speed of the run (as much as my coaches have already stressed that to me, it's so hard to apply when you have everyone and their brother passing you.) but it's about the encounter you have during that run. No matter how much I pray during my runs, and how much I know I am right when I say I cannot run on my own, but I run through the strength of the Lord... Today, getting to pray with my sister in Christ, was far more incredible.

I continue to be amazed by God and His work within my life...

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