Thursday, September 2, 2010

God continues to move... Or... Keep me moving

Well, I was feeling greatly encouraged after my last post and looking forward to God's movement within my life. I have been really encouraged and excited about this upcoming year at school and getting involved in the local church.

After feeling a little rejected by some friends at school because no one needed a ride to the church I was planning on attending this past Sunday, I really felt that I still needed to go. I prayed God, if I am meant to stay please make the ministry opportunities apparent to me and show them my servants heart. A little apprehensive about going to the church alone, I got up my courage to head into the "narthex" also known as the lobby of the church. Upon my entrance 30 minutes before the service, after about 10 minutes or so inside the building and walking around. A lady walked up to me and said, I see you're looking at our Nursery ministry! Would you be interested in helping?!

I kind of laughed to myself, as I realized my prayers were getting answered in a very direct fashion. Needless to say, I left Sunday with an application to help in the Nursery, and speaking even more to my passion for the youth... I had spoke to the youth pastor and I was set up for an appointment on Wednesday to meet with the youth pastor! I was very excited to say the least and extremely hopeful of what God has in store.

Monday I found myself typing away a blog post of blessing and encouragement just to be surprised by Tuesday morning. I got a phone call from the endocrinologist from back home regarding some test results after a grueling afternoon of classes I got the return phone call with the test results... Needless to say, something is going on with my kidneys and they will need some more test results before they can give a definitive diagnosis. It was something that totally blindsided me as I had been feeling half-way decent most days... I couldn't really imagine anything was wrong. However, I have found this as yet another blessing from God in the sense that I know He trusts me and I am humbled to be able to grow closer to God through yet another trial.

I know that God's love is a perfecting love, not a protecting love and He will perfect me to an eternal being reflecting more of Him on a daily basis. What does this look like for me? I have no idea, I don't know what the future may hold but I do know that God is in control. And through this I am greatly encouraged by the doors that have been held open for me by the greatest gentlemen of all, God, my Father.

After last night, I really wanted to put another post up and update along with just share my excitement for this year and getting to know yet another new, youth group. I will be serving on Wednesday nights at their youth group and then Sunday night's at the Youth Pastor's home for a Senior High leadership group. I am so blessed to be brought into their church family and really got to have an awesome talk with the youth pastor and his wife last night. Feel free to check out his blog here! He's an awesome brother in Christ and I am excited to see God work through him.

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