Wednesday, November 17, 2010

He sought to conquer the physical limitations placed upon him by a three-dimensional world (and if Time is the fourth dimension, that too was his province).- John L. Parker

Things have changed quite a bit... I continue to work at life with all I have got but sometimes: even that, doesn't seem like enough. I have been trying to find how I can do all that I can and become a better person.

The past two days I have found myself back into the routine that I find most comfort in: being able to go out and run in the afternoons. There is something about coming back from a run that is feeling accomplished, knowing that there is something more and being able to feel like I can go out and achieve it. I started running again on Monday and I am feeling pretty good... I would like to really just ease into training and train through indoor track.

Right now: I am just taking things moment by moment, and day by day. Trying to get caught up in school work and mentally trying to keep myself sane. It's in the moments of doing core in your room, all alone, and really striving to get better: even if no one else experiences it, but yourself: that I am finding my greatest happiness and fulfillment.

It has been cool seeing my body recover and feeling totally restored. I have found that I absolutely love running and pushing myself to it's limits... Running, unlike anything I have ever come in contact with is something where you can experience your best days and your worst days and still go back for more. I have found that it's the closest thing I can get to how I felt when I was sick, in the sense that it's delayed gratification, steady constant commitment, and a true love for something larger than yourself. I am so excited to be running again.

We will see where it takes me! Continue to pray as I am still working hard at getting caught up with lots of other things...

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