Saturday, January 29, 2011


Today I woke up... It was a typical day, a power struggle between me and my many alarms...

I ran a brush through my hair and decided not to shower. I gathered my notebook and pen and coat and scarf... I was off to class. My first class of the day on HIV, Drugs, and the Family.

I returned to the silence of my room an hour later, tired, exhausted even, and sore. I crawled into bed. I found comfort within the sheets of my bed. Ah yes, something so inviting about the warmth of my blankets. I slipped into sleep.

*knock knock knock* My head flew off the pillow: I said come in, I had given in to my most recent power struggle with my body and had fallen asleep. *phew!* it's a girl on the floor coming to visit for an outfit consultation. Something I can handle.

An hour later, I am bundling up to face the bite of the crisp cool air and dodge the microscopic masterpieces of snow. I cross campus as I am going to chapel. There I acquire a heart of worship and reflect...

After chapel comes a meeting and then class until three o'clock.

My day is complete at three. I ponder what to do: I get back to my room and type up an assignment and review my day. I make some important phone calls. I sigh. I made it through the day.

This has been my reflection most days recently... I have been wiped out... Tired if you will. Weaker than normal but still able to push through. Each day is a small victory. It's not so much to take me out, but just enough. Bed comes early each night... However, it has reminded me of the victory I have within my Savior.

Hm... Just a reflection.

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