Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Year in Review

In January of 2010, I found out I wasn't invincible... Well, I think we all knew that. But I found myself back home after having seizures due to skipping seizure medicine. It was a humbling journey of remembering my past and bringing my college friends to the harsh reality of the sickness that had loomed in my body through high school. I ended up coming back to college in a wheelchair which was an obstacle I never thought I would have to face.

Historically, this is the month I celebrate the day of my birth. This year was no different. It marked a year older and hopefully a year wiser... I also found myself journeying down the path of becoming a published author and making this dream feel ever more realistic as I went on a photo shoot with Megan Dailor and some friends from school. She was truly an incredible photographer.


Was a month of self growth and self discovery for me. It is kind of a hump month for me... No real significance and just trying to get through the month. I found out back in December I was allergic to corn & peanuts which lead me on a journey to find foods without High Fructose Corn Syrup. Sometime during March I found out I could eat wraps from BT's and it was huge!


Spring came! And on one rainy, cold, spring day, I participated in one day without shoes! A humbling process of realizing that I have so much and experiencing life differently for a day. An aside to this: today I went into the city for my first experience doing real homeless ministry and I really realized that no matter what choice I make to live simply or to give much... I will truly never understand what it's like to go without as some of these people have to go through... It's incredible to me that I can live just miles away from complete poverty. May I continue to be humbled in 2011 in how I can ease the burdens and bless others with the blessings that have been poured out to me.


May brought me to my first outdoor track meet. This was also the month I got the courage to ask the coaches if I could join the XC team in the fall! I did, and it began the "schedules" and training for my upcoming season. By the end of May, I also had landed my very first professional job! I was elated and extremely nervous... The interview process was extremely intimidating. I also went to a wedding for a friend at college... My first wedding with someone that was my age... It was an honor to be a part of their special day.

I started my first job as a Clinical Assistant and really had my eyes opened to so many things.... This job taught me so many life skills that I was ignorant of and yet another meaning of love. I really have learned so much from my patients and each day it has been a growth process for me. I really found that though I don't believe this was my calling to work in this setting, I can be used while I am there. This job also has overwhelmed me with healing from my own journey through being on the other side.

In June I also grew a lot as an individual as I found myself growing into an athlete and running more and more and healing from my past. I found a love for going out and just pouring my heart out in prayer as I ran. It was truly a transformation of heart as I also lived with my grandparents and got to spend time with them.

In June I also got to work at Connections and see the perspective students fill the spots where I had been a year before. So cool to see new people come in and get ready to enter college!


In July my sister got engaged! I got a phone call that would rock my world!!

I grew passionate about helping people and really just working towards blessing others. I got to participate in an adoption journey through giving monetarily... And this month to be frank, passed by too quickly.

I wrestled with my faith and what I believed in and consulted my grandparents a lot... I also really fell in love with the youth group I was working with and realized I have a heart for the youth.


In August, I lost my port! Well, I actually didn't really lose it per-say, it just got removed. It was very relieving however, I have to say it's really weird still not having it.

August also took me to my very first Cross Country camp experience. I struggled a lot with how I fit on the team but I also grew to realize that this was something I was truly passionate about. I absolutely loved running with the team and getting to know the girls on the team...


I got to run in my very first collegiate race. It was incredible... It also was the precursor to many more races. It was very exciting for me... I also got to truly  feel what it was like to be an athlete and I really thought it was cool. I also got to enjoy some really cool bike rides while I recovered from shin splints. And I was able to see God's creation in a new light.

I also got to become more active in my church home away from home... As I started helping out with Calvary Assembly of God's nursery and youth group aka: Second!. It was a huge blessing to me! By the end of the month I also started going to the Young Adults group as I was able and it was really nice to find a church home here at school.


I felt the face of defeat as I had a seizure on the course of one of our meets and was hospitalized. From there I also found myself surrendering my place on the team. This was a very scary and stressful time for me as I began to lose the consistency of going to practice every day and really just losing life as I knew it. During this time, I also found strength in new friends and began to grow in my faith more than ever. I also picked up my knack for baking again...

I participated in my very first cook off... And I won the pie category! It was extremely exciting!! I also got to go home more this month and I really was able to spend time with my family. This was very needed... And it was by far one of the hardest months of 2010.


This has usually been one of my favorite months of the year... But proved to be tough. The end of the semester was so shaky I began to wonder if I would make it out alive! I survived finals week and also made up two weeks of classes that I had missed consecutively. By the end of December I felt like a train had hit me. However, this Christmas was most definitely one of my favorites! Having family together and all under one roof felt right to me and everyone was at peace.

Overall, 2010 was an incredible year... I would not change it for the world. I also felt like before the month of January ended I should write something. I miss blogging... It's something I would like to continue to do... Still so much to post about! Good thing I keep up a journal as well. I hope to keep these memories forever.


megan said...

Sounds like a heck of a year Victoria, but you have come through it with admirable strength! See you soon hopefully!

Jessica said...

Hey this is such a great post idea (*note to self for next year!*). I love that you went month by month... so cool! Do you just have a rockin memory or did you go back through your journals or old posts? Anyways, it's so amazing to see your journey. Keep trusting God... I love seeing him grow your faith! XOXO

Jonathan Sigmon said...

Loved reading this! It was great to see you again today Victoria.

Here's to a good 2011!

Vic said...

Jessica! I cheated on some months looking through my phone and stuff at old pictures or through my journal or even the blog. It was just nice to see the year get wrapped up.