Wednesday, January 19, 2011


After dealing with depression and battling with some stuff that was bigger than myself, I began to wonder what life would look like if I unplugged. Sometimes I had invested so much into my pseudo relationships via social networking or e-mail or text message... That I didn't feel like I could even connect on the basic level of normal human interaction.

There is a new concept that I am trying to introduce into my life. It's called being intentional. Instead of getting on the computer and typing away at the keys which is so easy to do... I have began to wonder what it would be like to set up a time to actually meet. To go through and be more intentional about life and the relationships that we build.

I have always loved a good handwritten letter. There is something timeless about getting a piece of mail.

Or getting a phone call versus a text.

I find that slowly I am wanting to buck the system so to speak. I don't want to settle for the distracted conversations of facebook chat, or the convenience of text messaging... I want to be more intentional than just being overly accomplished with my conversations. Instead of talking to three or four people talking to one person at a time and actually being totally invested in them.

I believe that it would change a lot of things... Maybe facebook is convenient but it isn't necessarily what we need. We crave the human interaction beyond hours of Internet.

For the next month, I would like to challenge you to deactivate, unplug, and hand write.

Meet up for coffee, read a book, or hang out playing a board game.

Do something, and be intentional!

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Victoria said...

Such a great post and idea! Thank you! I hope I will take this to heart and actually do it.