Thursday, July 14, 2011


Okay so around a year ago I was introduced to Come&Live! and I thought it was pretty cool. Visited their website a few times and that was it. Then last night a friend of mine came over and told me about this video. He told me it was aprox. 30 minutes and totally incredible. So... I began watching it and within the first five minutes I was totally drawn in.

I have really had our generation and society as a whole on my heart lately... I am beginning to wonder and think: how can we as a generation and a society really transform* how we live our faith out on a daily basis. I recently read an article about how the gospel and conversion to Christianity isn't always effective. Or lives that aren't truly transforrmed. However, after watching this video I began to wonder: if someone who had never seen God or really known him as their personal savior... Had their first encounter with God seeing God in total action. Don't you think that would totally change their life? And maybe, just maybe be a deeper effect than just a quick prayer? No doubt that people who pray prayers of salvation aren't transformed... But I am beginning to think more and more that our society has gotten church all wrong...

I have been reading the gospels lately and I constantly think about Jesus' ministry and then I wonder: is that truly what we are doing? Going out and healing the sick? Feeding the poor? Loving our neighbors as ourselves? Just thinking and wondering how God can use me in even a small way to touch the big world.

*1trans·form verb \tran(t)s-ˈfȯrm\

Definition of TRANSFORM

transitive verb

1a : to change in composition or structure b : to change the outward form or appearance of c : to change in character or condition : convert

2: to subject to mathematical transformation

3: to cause (a cell) to undergo genetic transformation

intransitive verb

: to become transformed : change

— trans·form·able \-ˈfȯr-mə-bəl\ adjective

— trans·for·ma·tive \-ˈfȯr-mə-tiv\ adjective

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heather @ mrs. southern bride said...

Love the honesty of this post! I ask myself the same things. I know I fail, but I want to live as He has commanded us too!