Thursday, August 4, 2011

Singing From the Rooftops

Around two months ago now... I made the decision to take a semester off from my college career. Some things had happened that I really needed to deal with and I didn't think it would be wise to just put them off to deal with when I graduated in two short semesters.

It soon became one of the biggest leaps of faith I think I have ever taken... As soon as I started telling people my plans it was as though I had let down every person I told. Some supported me... Others looked at me like I was totally nuts. I told them I was planning on working at my old job... Taking a few classes at the community college and just hoping for the best. Little did I know, I would not be called for hours at a job I could easily get 60 hours a week at last summer... And soon I would feel incredibly scared about where I was going to get money to pay my bills with.

I continued to wait on God and just kept telling everyone God will provide! Slowly, it was getting harder to say: God will provide! The end of the month closed in and I had no money for rent and I was scared to death... As friends continued to badger me about what I was doing with my life and how I was going to make ends meet... My smile had faded... But the promise remained... I continued to trust God would provide in some unseen way.

I finally got to work one long weekend... This was the first time I had worked since before January, and let me tell you: God provided. He totally has wow-ed me and I was beyond blessed... He left me singing praise to Him and I believe it was no coincidence. During the time I was not working, I was totally devoted to Him and constantly praying about everything that had gone in the worlds eyes: wrong.

I have been so confused and it's as though today God whispered in my heart: I haven't left you... I still love you, and just continue to rely on me.

I just want to close with a thanks to God because He is faithful... And it's not about me at all... It's all about Him.

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Michelle said...

AWESOME. Love you!!!