Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Refuse to do nothing.

The last week or so I have really been struggling with a lot of random things... And as I struggled and the more I struggled... The more I have tried to withdraw. I will find myself not wanting to leave my room for any circumstance.

Last night I went to a bible study and they showed the movie To Save A Life... We didn't get to stay until the end... However, it reminded me why I was so passionate about not letting myself just do nothing with an excuse of being busy or preoccupied.

Then I got in the car and we listened to K-Love, a Christian Radio station and I heard about it again. How we can not do everything but we can refuse to do nothing. I thought to myself, God, what are you trying to say? I know I am failing... I feel distant... But I don't know what to do..

And I realized that even though I don't know what to do... Doing nothing at all is not going to be better than doing at least a little something. Whatever that may mean.


Heather said...

Sometimes though, we are doing something, even when we don't think we are. It's a day by day process in my life, and just asking Him to lead the way...

Christine said...

I was thinking that same thing, I believe that one day you will look back and realize what you've been doing. Sometimes the smallest thing, even something as small as writing an e-mail to a friend can make a difference to that one person. The value of friendship is a big thing.