Friday, April 29, 2011

It's 2:30 AM

So I decided to write a blog post. You might be wondering why...

At first I wanted to write this blog post as a reminder once I am out of college that this is the kind of stuff I will NEVER miss about college. I will not miss getting up super early and trying to get everything done the night before. I will not miss cramming all of my knowledge onto papers at the end of the semester. I will not miss presentations that take forever to make and re-recording things so that they look better.

However, what I realized is I will really miss these things. Tonight, even though I am extremely exhausted... I had fun talking with friends. Hanging out with girls and laughing about stupid stuff because we were so tired. I really do love college and I love the people I am with. If you had asked me this at the end of last semester I would not have agreed. However, I am glad I got to make silly videos and I hope the presentation is awesome.

Most of all: I hope I get up for my 8:00 AM class. Off to bed.

P.S. I have no spelling errors even at 2:30... That's impressive.


Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride said...

Pretty sure I would have had all kinds of spelling errors at that time! haha

Lindsay said...

It truly inspires me to see that you are in college. I just turned 21 and feel lucky enough to have graduated high school. The fact that you also have time to blog is pretty much amazing. Thanks for putting it out there.

debi9kids said...

Those are some of the best memory making moments of college.
Enjoy every last minute!