Thursday, February 28, 2008

Everyone who serves cold cut carrots with spahgetti raise your hand please!

Hospitals always amuse me with their food and what-not so, why not start out on a light note like: cold cubed carrots with spahgetti! This is what they expected me to eat. No wonder my
levels are low! After eating nothing at all for days the transferred me to this type of diet and it didn't go over so well... But hey! It made for a good title.
Anyhow, I must say I am home now! Things are going O.K. I can't complain because being home feels great but is a little scary because I am on 3 new meds! Although things do have a way of working out and I am a strong believer in that. So onward and upward Monday I go to a new Chiropractor which I have observed a few appointments of his and feel he will help my body get back on track. He is good for herbal supplements and knowing what's going on with that kinda stuff too. So I am going to give it a go then within the next week I shall be starting PT and getting back on my feet as soon as I can!
My appetite has been to be desired I refuse to eat like anything and find a lot comes back up with eating. Nontheless I try little bites here and there. I probably couldn't keep a baby chick alive at this point. The doctor said that it would come with time and DID YOU KNOW that McDonalds milkshakes are like a cureall? I can eat one large one of those keep it down and get nutrients from it! Practically as healthy as ensure! My doctor told me that and within an hour I had not one but 4 milkshakes in the freezer with my name on them.
I thank you all for your prayers and your support this road is long and with each twist and turn comes uncertainty. There are so many people behind the scenes in my life that have done things for me sat at my bedside and helped me through these hard drifts of time. I can't possibly name them all but, I do thank the women's group from church. Upon being admitted to Corning they sent two large bags of things for me with socks, lotions, a photo album, and many other things to help with my recovery. All of your generosity is so appreciated I can't even begin to express how thankful I am to have such a loving group behind me.
Nothing is set in stone and within days treatments could be changed. But it's only the beginning and good will come out of it I am sure! I missed my friends the most especially when I was in ICU! Let me tell you if you need an amazing support system there are a select few people I would suggest adopting. I missed my AIM chats with whom shall remain his nickname "batman" when I couldn't sleep at night! So although scary it's exciting to be home.
recap: For those of you who didn't get e-mails and were worried about me I have placed the e-mails my friend Sarah and my Aunt Debbie. (Thanks so much Sarah and Aunt Debbie!!! I can never repay you for all of the wonderful things you have done for my family and I!)
I just wanted to let all of you know that Victoria is unfortunately back at the hospital due to Lyme complications that occurred yesterday. I am sure that she would love to receive get-well wishes, but I know that she will be changing hospitals soon, so I ask that you email them, or send them to our PO Box (PO Box 74, Big Flats, NY, 14814), or her home address if you know it. I will be sure that she gets all the messages!
Thank you in advance!
Sarah Lynch
2-18-2008 9:30 pm (prayer chain update)
Debbie Connett sends the following update and request for Victoria Wilcox:**"Update on Victoria, She was taken to Corning hospital on Saturday. She was transferred to Arnot today, Monday. She had a PICC line inserted today. She is now, 9PM havinga bad seizure which they said could happen. Our request is that she suffers no permanent damage to her vital organs asher body deals with these seizures. Her heart and Kidneys are what we worryabout the most. Pray the antibiotic will do it's work and she will come out of this fairlyspeedy. The family appreciates all the thoughts and p[rayers sent their way.It is 9:30Pm and they have moved Victoria to ICU. This was a very bad seizure."
2-20-2008 (Sarah's Update)

I just wanted to let everyone know that Victoria will be unable to answer any phone calls or texts on her phone over the next few days because she has been put in a drug-induced coma. I am told that she had a very bad seizure last night after being put on a new picc line and ended up being put on a respirator in the ICU. They are administering adti-seizure drugs and will slowly take her out of the coma over the next few days. Please respect the family's wishes and do not call or text her until you know she can respond.. I will let everyone know. I will be sure to forward any emails her way as soon as she is better too! The last ones reallt lifted her spirits!
Sarah Lynch
2-20-2008 (Prayer Chain Update)

"Praise, they are waking Victoria up today, She is now breathing on her own. Not sure if she is herself yet. Will send further report later today. Debbie
2-20-2008 (Sarah's Update)

Thank you so much to you all for all of your prayers! Here is some good news: Victoria has been taken out of the coma she was placed in and was even able to talk on the phone with me today! The reception was not the best, but she was still able to joke with me even though she cannot eat and sounds very weak. Right now that is about all I know, but I will send another update when I know more.
Sarah Lynch
2-25-2008 (Prayer Chain Update)

**"We have just received word from Victoria Wilcox's mom, Denise. She is asking for urgent prayer for Victoria as Victoria faces further complications. Prayfor strength for this family as they walk through this ongoing battle withVictoria. She is currently at the Arnot."
(I think this is when I passed out during PT gave us all a little bit of a scare worrying something more could be wrong.)
So that's the re-cap of the last almost 2 weeks of my life rollercoaster as usual. I thank you all for your support and I enjoyed reading all of the well wishes they gave me a lot of hope and encouragement. I will continue to keep you updated in the days to come.
My thanks,

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Anonymous said...

Hey Vic-
WOW! That meal looks very Appetizing! lol.. Nope I've never ate cold carrots with spagetti. How was it? I know when I was in the hospital for breaking my nose,I didnt get any meals so I dont really know what the hospital food tastes like. But I do know a few ppl that had to eat it,when they were in the hospital. Some said they liked it and others said they hated the food.

P.S.Okay! Well my mom just made cheese pizza,so ive gotta go eat and get ready for bed,im very tired and its late..
ill talk to you later..

Love-kayla xxo