Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Feeling not so good...

Hello everyone! This is Sarah, Victoria's friend leaving a message today because Victoria is unfortunately unable to leave one herself, as she is back in the hospital. I am not 100% sure of everything that happened, but I know that it is due to Lyme Disease. She had not been feeling well all week and on Saturday evening, after a busy day, she began to seize. She was brought to a hospital in Corning, NY and has now been brought to the Arnot Ogden medical Center in Elmira, NY, as of yesterday.
Again, all this info may not be accurate, but that is all I know. Please check back again after I have seen her (which will hopefully be tomorrow!). Please feel free to leave Get-well messages in the comments section and I will be sure that she gets them.
Sarah Lynch

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JavaBeing said...

Dear Victoria,
Just wanted to send get well wishes to you and hope you are out of the hospital as soon as possible. I am from Oregon and I also have lyme and am battling it on a daily basis just as you...know that you're not alone in this fight. I too, like you am upset and angered by the treatment we receive by the general medical community, it is shameful to say the least. But, don't get discouraged Victoria...you are setting an example of how we will not be left unheard and will not give up fighting this disease nor the ignorance of the medical system. The walk you have established is a wonderful way to make a statement in how to be proactive and get our communities educated and aware. This action alone will help to build a stronger voice for lyme patients in your state, as well all over the US. You set an example, and others will follow...simple but true and very effective. My energy is very limited like yours I'm sure, but I just had to take a moment and tell you I'm very proud of you in what you are accomplishing. Well done Victoria. I wish you and all us fellow lyme fighters health and healing in the coming year and more importantly, a stronger voice that the medical community will start to hear. Stay strong Victoria and feel better soon.

Warm regards,
Lory Medearis
Portland, Oregon