Sunday, February 3, 2008


So lets see here, on this day about 16 years ago I was taking my first few steps who would've known those 16 years ago just a day or so before my 1st birthday that I would be where I am today.

This weekend has been busy, but exciting and full of sleep as well. I haven't been feeling great so plans that once were made were cancelled and then other plans were placed in. Church was today which is an all time favorite of mine and well enjoyed saw the familiar faces and received many a joyful hugs and felt loved. It was a good day emotionally and kind of painful day physically but I pulled through to see the little boy I babysit for open gifts and do the birthday thing! I can't believe he is five!!

So now upon my 17th birthday, which is tomorrow and I plan on spending sleeping in and enjoying my day. :) Kind of nervous about the upcoming doctors appointment, which is also conveniently placed right on my birthday. hehe. I really know how to live it up! I might be getting the picc line tomorrow or Tuesday but definitely in the upcoming week. Which means good and bad. Good in the fact that I hope this is going to be getting me better and that I got amazing results from IV last time. Bad in the fact treatment is extremely expensive and taxing on the whole family. So who knows what these days will bring but I have strong faith things will be cleared up someday.

Also, feel free to check out the video I put up on youtube:

Hope everyone is feeling well and doing great!
Have a good week,

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Anonymous said...

Hey Victoria-
This video is sad to watch. People really have no clue how serious and horrible Lyme Disease is,unless they've had it/have it.
I mean Like Sarah Lynch,she doesnt,but she's been right behind you through-out this whole entire process,supporting you,each and everyday.

("Stay Strong..!")
P.S.NO MATTER if you ARE OR IF YOU ARNT in your wheelchair on prom night,you'll still be able have the prom of your dreams,and still be just like a Disney Princess.

Love Always-Kayla xoxo