Friday, February 29, 2008


Today was a great day! Things went well all day and I wish so badly I had posted earlier. My spirits have been lifted and one thing I have learned as no matter how many times you fall while trying to do something you can always get up and try again. It's hard work yes. But it's worth the work. I got some thank you notes written and I cleaned up my room a bit. Things are a little more difficult when your legs are taken away but I have been managing non the less.

received a lovely card and painting in the mail today and that just topped all my spirits. I am so happy that I am home and I really can't wait to be back to my teen life. It kinda seems unfair to be watching so many other friends go on with life and I am stopping with some IV's and a wheelchair. Mom has been encouraging me with thoughts of prom. I got a dress so it's kinda becoming a little more real but, that's in a few months so it's something nice to look forward to. I have learned PJs can become one's best friend very quickly!! Tonight I think I am going to get a good scrubin' in the tub and head to bed early. Tomorrow friends are coming over and I am in for a low key visiting day.

OCD has been acting up so with that we're going to put it to good use and I am going to organize all of the IV supplies and file all of my medical records. Something that has been needing to be done but kinda put off due to someone who won't be mentioned that keeps ending up in the hospital. :P

I would
definitely suggest This Man- Jeremy Camp to anyone reading. Take a listen! It makes you think... (Credits go to Josiah for suggesting this song to me.) Life isn't all that bad and things will get better...

I am pretty weak as the night goes on and will update more another night hope this finds everyone doing well! Have a wonderful weekend,


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Anonymous said...

There will be more and more "good" days, and then next thing you know, you'll be all better!