Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Today I was getting on my computer and the wireless Internet said it could not be connected. Bummer, so I clicked on view available wireless networks and got a list of three different options, clicked on our home connection and bam! It says I am connected once again.

As I clicked OK I realized that sometimes that's how my faith is. It's there- and God is sitting there among a list of other things. He sits and waits and waits and once in awhile we get off track and maybe it's from shutting our bodies down at night and just not refocusing in the morning, but all of a sudden another "preferred wireless connection route is available." Sometimes I take it. I forget to do the simple things like re-connecting with God. Making sure our connection isn't faulty and he has excellent connection into my heart.

Over the past few weeks I have been overwhelmed and nervous about a lot of things. Things I cannot control, but wish I could. Other things that I wish I knew more about but don't. Or just trying to get into the focus of the things that are truly important in life. It's difficult to do but when I reflect on my life I can see moments when a pop-up about when I lost connection and didn't go re-start the router box for myself or even notice it was a big problem. Why? because I was busy with everything else. My faith became a back-burner thing.

I have been deeply considering un-plugging and going back to the basics. Taking time to quit using things that plug in like my laptop and my cell phone and other things that distract me and moving back to things that are really important. Spend time with God, because in a few short weeks I will not be able to focus so carefully and clearly as I can now.


Julie said...

We had a youth conference last week with twenty kids age 14-18. The first day, we asked them to give up all their electronic devices, mostly cell phones and mp3 players. They did it, grudgingly. The theme for the conference was "Listen" and we had activities to help them listen for the spirit. It was a great week and no one missed their tech stuff. I think we all need to 'unplug' every now and then and plug back in to what's important.

Tracy P. said...

Great illustration! When you are at school you may find that if you get into the right group of friends or activities, they will actually help you to focus. I grew by leaps and bounds in my faith in college, more than during any other single phase of my life.