Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Sometimes even in the midst of a huge campus it seems as though you're all alone.

Last night in bio lab we went from the outer space and zoomed into an atom in a sugar maple leaf cell. Let's just say that I was incredibly in awe of how small you could zoom in but how easily even the smallest thing that is naked to the human eye could become singled out. You don't see these things on the every day and usually they blend in with the rest of the leaf but it was just incredible. To think that something so small could be so large on a screen projected from a computer in a class room and be all alone.

I guess that over the past few days it has been interesting to say the least, lonely at times and extremely exciting at others. I look at our race and how we look at others and it makes me wonder the stories of the other people on campus- the stories of others that haven't been told or were seen as average. Just the unique plans and wonders that are all around me God's grace falling on them. I sometimes look at others and wonder if they too are struggling with completely understanding why they are here. If they are being faithful or if this was an equal with God... I just want to talk and listen and I so badly want to understand.

I am just hungry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLz36m8Mw2g

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Jennifer said...

I found that one of my "loneliest" times came on the university campus. All of these students hustling and bustling to classes, to parties, to wherever. Then there was me ... doing everything I could to stay afloat. Trying to find answers to my health dilemmas and find people that would just one time understand me ...

I found serenity in the library and at church. One thing I can almost guarantee if that others are feeling the same way you do. On a different scale ~ b/c they don't have to worry about health issues (and maybe just maybe some of them do).

Whenever I felt the most alone, I would sit in the chapel by myself knowing that I wasn't by myself at all. I was surrounded by God. God sees everything (and everyone). You aren't alone ... but you are in fact, projected on a big screen in God's class. :o)