Sunday, September 20, 2009

They Say Sharing is Caring....

Then let me sneeze, cough, wipe my boog... Maybe sharing isn't caring!
This may seem totally juvenile but today I was thinking about how our parents have always held out their hand whenever we have been sick and how no one else is willing to share like a parent to child. This weekend I have been ill with a cold and I have noticed no matter how many times I wash my hands we're all a little leery on my floor about the direction of the coughs, touching door knobs, sneezes pretty much any mucus membrane!

I don't think this whole H1N1 is helping the cause any more than anything else could be at this point.

I have spent this weekend wiping down my keyboard, door handle, and flat surfaces in my room with disinfectant wipes. I think the next thing will be to wash my sheets.

The transition moves on and college is still going excellent! I just find that blogger is only used when I am procrastinating doing work like reading chapters out of a textbook. Hope you're all staying healthy!

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