Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A New Kind of Love

I wanted to write a post about something that I recently experienced that showed me that sometimes our brokenness can create our most beautiful praise.

Recently, I experienced something that changed my heart and physically brought me to tears- something I don't think our "Christian Culture" experiences enough of. That was the out of tune and heartfelt praise that was offered from a small back room of a little church in a small town. The girl's name was Elizabeth. Her praise was apparent and there were only two beings in that room that night as far as I am concerned. The girl's spirit of worship, and our all mighty God receiving her praise.

She sang into a microphone hooked up to what most would consider low class but tonight, was the most high tech karaoke machine around and she belted out the words to The Revelation Song. All of a sudden as she sang out her passion nothing really mattered any more. The only thing that mattered was the place of her heart, and that was a beautiful thing. At first it seemed a little different and then I saw this beautiful woman before me, pure, blameless, and totally wonderful. She was incredible her testimony through song left me speechless. She was in total adoration of a father in heaven.

It's a different kind of love that Elizabeth has for her father in heaven. It's a new kind of worship- it's a worship and love that I can certainly learn from.

As I continue on my journey ministering to the people of our small "city" that we have here in my area I continue to see that maybe it's not so much me opening doors and ministering to them, as it is them ministering to me. May we all continue to be open vessels for the Lord to use.

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