Thursday, December 23, 2010

Verbo Caro Factum, est et Habitavit en Nobus.

I was sitting in a patients room yesterday and I read the entire book i am not but i know I AM by: Louie Giglio.
It was... A good reminder.
At one point in the book he went through a word by word analysis of Verbo Caro Factum, est et Habitavit en Nobus. Or "And the Word became flesh and dwelled among us."
He talked about the word Became and how God had mentioned that he was the great I AM which in the Hebrew word used was to BE.

He also left the reader with a captivating thought:

" He didn't send a note, an e-mail, a check, a cosmic event, a mandate, or an image on a toasted cheese sandwich. When God came to man- when BE came - BE became flesh. The God of the world in a body like yours and mine. Why does that matter? BEcause you can touch flesh. You can identify with flesh. You can wrap your arms around flesh and feel its heartbeat. You can hear the voice of flesh and it will bleed. You can nail flesh to a cross." (Giglio p. 66-67).

After reading this book I realized I am small no really really small. But the reminder is that I am part of a bigger picture and in that I am able to see that I am known by name by the creator of the universe. Incredible.

Why is it a good reminder? Because it's easy to think that this is just another cliche season... Another time to just make sure all the tittles are over the i's and the t's are crossed (tittle is the formal word for the dot over the i). It is also easy to get bogged down with thoughts of the future. And your story: it's easy to be so focused on the immediate or upcoming situations weather it's weight loss, or a test result, or a biopsy... That you forget that the great I AM is watching out for you. That God has your best at his heart and He would never let you go... Sure, it's easy to get caught up in those things... So we need to constantly remember who we are... We're small. He's
BIG and He's got it under control.

If I need a reminder of why I should trust Him... I can look throughout history... I can see that there has never been any cosmic disturbances. He has provided for the trees, the birds, and He is going to provide for our every need. It may not be the idea or the plan we had for ourselves. But at the same time: we must remember... Everything in the end will point to His glory which is ultimately the best gift of all.

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Rebekah said...

Victoria, I have your blog bookmarked on my computer and check it as often as I can. I found it while looking for information on a "lyme walk." I have been sick with lyme for about 4 years, but just went through 5 months of IV treatment (for the 2nd time) and am slowly getting better - it is always encouraging and wonderful to read your words. You are a special woman. Have a blessed Christmas...

-Rebekah Ashburn