Saturday, February 4, 2012

The 21 Project Day #8

I thought (I re-read this post, today... After writing it at 1:00AM this morning and accidently saving it as a draft... I had a lot of confusing errors! Opps!) have been thinking about dreams and what I could potentially do in this world. People constantly talk about their dreams and ambitions... I have always worried about not being realistic enough. How I need to have this picture perfect life and everything in order. I hear about these other people with dreams of doing crazy things, traveling the world and experiencing all sorts of stuff! I always think: I wish I could do that. And lately, I have began to change my thoughts into a new thought... Why not?

Why can't I do what I dream about? Here I am, now, 21 years old... (crazy right?! I am 21 years old today! ahh...) And I have soo much on my side, if I can dream it: I can achieve it... I believe that and now let's put it into motion, eh? (The order of these dreams aren't in any order of priority or desire, just when they popped into my head.)

1. Work on Capitol Hill. Summer 2011 I went to capitol hill to lobby for Israel on Capitol Hill and I had a blast. It was totally crazy to feel the energy there and just to know that you were part of something much bigger than yourself. Knowing that you were in our country's capitol was crazy to me! We have a country to be proud of and I really am proud to be an American citizen... One day I would love to work there, even if it's just for a summer internship or something! Wouldn't that be so cool?! I think so!

2. Become an author. I would really like to finish my book by the time I graduate from college. It is so close to being done... Just a little further... It seems like it is taking eons. I am really excited to get it completed though! Maybe some day it will be a best seller? Who knows!!

3. This is kind of linked with #2. I would love to be an inspirational speaker and get people pumped up for things. I don't really know what that's called... However, I have a heart for women. Maybe I am a little bias because I am one. Who knows! BUT: I just wish that we, myself included on this! Could really realize and grasp how BIG our God is and How incredibly in love with us He is. I still can't grasp that... However, I would love to travel the country and get people excited about life! Since, hey: I am pretty excited about it! :)

4. Travel to all 50 states! Seriously, I want to go to all the states and see this country! I would love to see all there is to see and just experience our country. Experience the culture and the people and the sites. There are some really beautiful places in our country! Just sayin'.

5. To bike 100 miles! I know that sounds crazy... But there is this thing called: Team In Training and they do this thing where they ride 100 miles. There is one in CA this JUNE! I know it would probably be crazy to add that to my cross country trip... But again, who knows! It might be do-able! I will have to think about it and pray about it more.

6. Run a marathon already! Gosh... I feel like everyone is doing it... I think I might have to become a little more insane to actually get the training done to complete it. However, I feel like it's not crazy enough to just want to run a marathon... I would like to qualify for the Boston marathon! Yeah, that sounds about right... Gotta stick with GOD sized dreams here... Only things that He can provide His strength in my crazy human weakness.

7. Climb a snow crested mountain. I soooo badly want to do this. I have never seen a mountain like this in person. And I think about it, dream about it... I really wanna do this some day.

8. Drive across country. I didn't realize this wasn't on this list yet... This is the trip I am describing in #5. I wanna drive across country!! It's another crazy idea. This is my second year of really wanting to do it. I would like to see the national parks and see all the crazy land formations that there are to see... I have already sketched out a plan on a map... Now I just need a really big dog traveling companion. I think my parents would prefer it to be human! :)

9. Hike the Appalachian Trail. Another random weird one... I know it would take approximately 3 months. However, maybe when I graduate from grad school... I will take some time off and do it. A graduation present of sorts?? Who knows!

10. This might sound weird... But I want to get a weird degree in something. Part of me wants to become a Naturopathic doctor. People have given me a lot of weird looks about that. It's like going to med school and I think it would be incredibly helpful. However, I don't know if that's something I am really supposed to do or not. It could just be an interesting job that I have laid eyes on. However, I also think it would be cool to go to school to become a massage therapist or something. Chances are if I got a degree in massage therapy or something like that... It would be after I already had become established in a career like Social Work...

11. Go to a formal event/ ball... Or a picnic type thing where the ladies act like ladies and the men act like men... But with a little adventure and edge! Something like this, or a ball like Jane Eyre.

12. To live a life on Fire for God and totally head over heals for Him. This song offers an accurate depiction of this dream.

13. Open a cafe/ coffee shop! I want to open a coffee shop and just have a place where people can meet. Take a break from the chaos in life and revive, and rejuvenate. Stop and catch up with old friends... Slow down and embrace life. I would love to own a shop where women come in they are celebrated... Give each women a flower just for coming in and getting a sweet treat! It's random, I know! But I just feel like we get so caught up in the chaos of life... We frequently lose sight of the gift it is!

14. Blog once a day for a year, month, week, I feel like making these commitments seems so tall. However, I would love to blog every day for a year. I don't know how soon that will be able to happen... Especially because school is insane. The bigger dream out of this: to have a blog that is heavily followed.

15. To inspire one person, to touch one life... because someone famous once said... "To have changed one life, is to have changed the world." Okay, I actually googled that and no one famous said it. However, I believe it. If you think about the ripple effect... You have no idea what your kindness could do to change the course of someones life.

16. Learn how to play the piano. I would love to learn how to play the piano... Just to be able to sit and play for hours and hours...

17. Go on a missions trip in another country. I have never actually been out of this country on a missions trip... I have heard they are life changing for everyone involved. I would love to go on one... Lord willing!

18. Become a better photographer. I am really good at coming up with ideas for photographs, however, I lack the assertiveness to be able to tell people how to pose. Or I lack the skills in actually making the photo come out exactly how I want it.

19. Learn and understand the Word better. I want to know the Bible so well, and grow so deep in my relationship with God that it's literally ingrained on my heart.

20. Do something spontaneous every day for one week.

21. Approach every day as if it is an adventure for a year. I believe that it's not the outside circumstances in your life but the dreams you create in each day. It's about being able to create adventure with limited resources or an expanse of resources. It's about meeting with God no matter what your outside circumstances may be.

If you get a chance: you should look up John Hagee's teaching on dreams here.

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