Friday, February 3, 2012

Project 21 Day # 5

Psyche!!! I know you probably thought: okay: It's 10:00 on day five, day six,  day seven, Victoria. You gave up the lists... Couldn't even make it a week! Well, this 21 Project isn't for the faint of heart. It has tried my creativity... But I do not surrender that easily. Here's your dose of blogging for today!

Confession time... I love to read blogs. It's quite the addiction... I assume since you follow my blog, you probably have other blogs in the blogging sphere that you like to read. These are my latest favorites.

1. A Cup of Jo I love Joanna's candid writing and her taste! She writes frankly about marriage, and raising a child in NYC. She also writes about love, life, and enjoying the journey! :) I found Joanna when I first started blogging in 2007 and have consistently followed her since.

2. There and Back Again I love Jessica's writing tone and enjoy the adventure of living through her, slightly more exciting life. Married to a man in the Air Force, Jessica writes and laments about the woes of life... From traveling Space A, to moving around the world to stay with the man she loves. She offers a hilarious perspective on everything from learning German, to keeping up with the cultural mores... She leaves me coming back for more!

3. Confessions of a CF Husband This is a blog that I fell in love with when I was sick... I always remember thinking: I hope some day my Nate will come. I began following their blog, probably a month or two after Nathan started blogging! I followed through Tricia's very high risk pregnancy, then double lung transplant, cancer, and now the road to recovery. Their blog is honest about life with Cystic Fibrosis a lung disorder that is fatal. I have learned a lot from them, and their journey is a story of inspiration and love.

4. Cheap Love Book This is new blog on my bloglist. Quickly turned favorite. This blog captures the candid life of Carrie and Erv, professors from my college. They are honest about living life in love, and striving to have conquering a life of being debt free! They make you laugh and smile, and they also challenge you. Not only are they incredible authors, they are also incredible Land Lords! :)

5. Donald Miller I have made my way through one of his books.... And many of his blog entries! This man is an incredible author, and inspiration. Read one blog, and I am sure you won't be disappointed.

6. Young House Love Looking for interior decoration inspiration? Or inspiration? Or a few laughs here and there? This blog is for you! They have a variety of different posts and are incredibly talented in the D.I.Y. department. I fell in love at first sight.

7. Beka Stays one thing about being friends with June is that her friends are contagious. Beka, was an admissions counselor my Senior year of High School. Her writing is candid and funny... While I read her blog, I feel like I am catching up with an old friend. She also has a great knack for delicious recipes, and interior design as well!

8. Cultivate Her This is a blog about leadership within the church. Just over a year ago, I was helping out with an incredible youth group here in Rochester... I was having a blast; but had never really done anything like it before! During that time, the youth leader told me about this blog. It's incredible especially for women within the church! I am inspired and refreshed by many of these posts! And while I am on the topic of incredible and awesome blogs, and my former youth group: you should check out the youth leader, Jonathan's blog here! I am sure you won't be disappointed.

9. Leading in Shades of Grey This is another incredible Christian blog for leaders. Jenni is an awesome woman of God who has posted multiple different posts that have had me walk away thinking about something in a different way from a new angle.

10. Eat Drink Chic This is another place I go for inspiration. Though I don't follow it as regularly... If I need a craft idea, or if I am feeling stumped while trying to make an art project: I stop by this blog and browse the key words! I love the multiple different areas it sends you across the web.

11. Relevant Magazine This site is great for reading up on the trending issues and topics in the Christian realm and within the Social culture in general. I love reading their reviews of different books, movies, and CD's both secular and Christian alike. They offer up some interesting topics and definitely keep me on my toes with information. If you're looking for a Christian site with lots of contributors on a decent array of topics, you should give them a go!

12. Boundless This was the first Christian Blog or site, that I got hooked to. I really liked a lot of their articles and the "old fashioned" approach they talk about with chivalry. When I read their posts sometimes I think: wow! I am not the only one who still thinks this way?! AWESOME! It's a fun place to read and when I am looking for some time to kill, I frequently pull this blog up!

13. Our Daily Blessing... Life I started following Amy B.'s journey when I was sick. She posted a comment on my blog, and I would pop in and out of her blog. This is more of a journal for her... However, her reflections on life offer inspiration and a poignant reminder of the frailty of the life that we live. I am so thankful for her honesty through the good, the bad, and the ugly. She is an incredible author and blogging friend! She also just started blogging again after a long hiatus: so welcome back Amy B!

14. One Lap at a Time This is a friend from school who has undergone a fair amount of struggles. Her ability to approach each day with joy and excitement has left me in awe and inspired! I am so blessed to call her a real life friend and I love her faith that is so transparent and shines through her blogging.

15. Mrs. Southern Bride I don't know exactly how I came across this blog. However, when I visit her blog I feel like I am catching up with an old friend. It's both interesting and exciting. I find her posts about faith, art, and her book reviews, and everything else, helpful and light-hearted, and even a little inspirational sometimes! :)

16. Johnny and June This blog gets the most inconsistent blogger award! Maybe I just get to say that because I am friends with June... ;) Hi June! However, I love their posts and each post is like a piece of gold , as the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. This is most certainly true with Johnny and June. Each post they publish usually makes me laugh, or think, or a little of both! I love it when they post, and I extend grace for the lack of posts... I mean hey, they are pretty busy people (it's not easy changing the world one high school senior at a time and finishing up seminary and getting your Master's!)!

17. Not Unredeemed I recently stumbled upon this blog... She is a friend of a friend... And from what I have read, I love it! Katie's honest and insightful tone creates a podium of thought. I like thinking!

18. Sohl Design This is a Rochester based Graphic Design artist... That is awesome. Her blogs inspire me to become more crafty and get in touch with my inner artist! I also love that she's from somewhere that I am familiar with.

19. Wrecked for the Ordinary I really enjoy reading about Social justice, working on projects for it, and investing time doing things that will help change things for the better. This blog offers information about stuff going on in society. It is another blog that just amazes me sometimes.

20. Happiness Is... I am beginning to realize my blogs I follow are very similar. I love to come to this blog and just look at the pictures and be inspired... Inspired to think about things that make me happy, or angry, or jump with joy! :)
21. Black Effel I will admit I don't follow this blog as much. Similar to the others it's especially helpful when I need some insight on a craft or am looking for a graphic. In college, I try to limit my time in the blogging world. Try is the operative word.

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