Sunday, February 5, 2012

Project 21 Day #9

Awhile ago, I made a bucket list and since I have made it; I have done quite a few of the things on it! Below are 21 things I have done off my bucket list.

1. Ran a 5 K: My first one was my Freshmen year. I have ran quite a few of them since then.

2. Grow vegetables from a garden: I help my parents with their garden, and I have really enjoyed the process. I hope to have a garden of my own some day.

3. Learn Sign Language: Rochester has a high deaf population and slowly, I am beginning to get better. I can almost carry on a conversation on now with little help!
4. Start a non-profit organization: This offically happened in High School with A Hope 4 Lyme!

5. Spend a weekend at a monastery: I also completed this my Freshmen year of college... There is just something so peaceful about spending a weekend there!
6. Walk to the top of the Empire State building: I did this with my parents a few summers back and it was incredible. It's so crazy. I don't really like heights that much... So this was pretty crazy and scary. But I thought it was really neat to look down and see the taxi's... They looked like matchbox cars!
7. Buy a stranger a meal: I have done this a few times. The surprise the one guy had was pretty incredible. He was so thankful.

8. Read an entire book in one day: I read Rob Bell's Sex God in one day this past summer. It was a pretty good book! Came with high recommendations from June.

9. Learn how to knit: Last year I got so much better at knitting! I made a few scarfs! It was very therapuetic. I hope to learn to make hats next.
10. Get my license: I got my license out of necessity really once I started working at the hospital... And I was finally seizure free! I got it on my first try!!

11. Receive flowers for no reason: My mom ordered them and then had the flower shop down the street call me and have me pick them up! I was super surprised and very thankful. I love fresh flowers.
12. Piece a quilt: I finished my first quilt this winter; for a friend who has been sick in the hospital. It was very fun and quite easy. I was really surprised!

13. Laugh until I cry: I actually have done this a lot over the past few years and it's funny to think I hadn't done this when I made out my bucket list.

14. Go six months seizure free: Woo! I finally accomplished this a few summers ago and have completed a year seizure free!! YAY!
15. Take up Photography: I actually have gained a lot more skill... But still have a long way to go! I am so blessed that I also got to shoot a wedding this past summer!
16. Simplify my life and learn to live with less. Over the summer I also got to live with no internet or TV among other things as I lived on my own for the first time. It was quite the adventure!!

17. See a shooting star: Over the summer, I got to see a shooting star while I was at a camp fire. It was so significant to me... Like a secret message to me alone from God!

18. Start a successful bible study. This fall, I got to know, and grow with a small group of friends that were truly incredible. I am really glad that I was able to experience the atmosphere. It was more prayer group than bible study... But I think it counts.

19. Keep a blog up and going for one year. It has been up, it's been going... I don't know how faithful you would consider me! You can be the judge.

So, I quickly realized that I haven't quite made it to 21 things off my bucket list! However, I came pretty close. Here are two things that I am getting closer to completing in the next year:

20. Go to all 50 states!

21. Get a college degree.

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