Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Project 21 Day #4

Blessed is the word... And it's an adjective that adequately describes this girl right here. :) And blessed I most certainly am.

"'Cause what if Your blessings come through raindrops

What if Your healing comes through tears

What if a thousand sleepless nights

Are what it takes to know You’re near

What if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise."
- Laura Story

This song was a Christian song that recently came out and the lyrics have struck a chord with me. Mostly because they mean a lot and it's true... Some of my greatest blessings, oddly enough have come from my deepest heartache. I don't know that I would consider nightmares and staying up all night in tears and fear a blessing yet... BUT I would consider the love that comes from my savior that casts that fear out one! Bring us to the list for today:

1. I am blessed to be an American. This is such a simple thing, but something I think we look past a lot. With our country being in the condition it's in... It sometimes feels like things can't get much worse. But, I think that's the biggest error! When I look to other countries, I see the lack of freedom the women have and I know the freedom I am able to have. The voice I have and the people who listen to me as a woman. And for this, I know I am blessed to be born in America.

2. JOY. I have joy, I think part of it is a choice... And part of it is a byproduct of having Jesus in my life... Well, ALL of it is Jesus in my life. The part that is a choice is allowing that to be accessed. And for this, I am thankful.

3. Friends. I am incredibly blessed for the Godly women God has placed within my life. Seriously, I look back to the last year... And if you told me when I turned 20 that I would move back home and meet a small group that would end up being probably the most incredible people I had ever met and be exactly what I had been praying for... I would disagree totally. Since I thought I knew every person in my hometown. Well, I was wrong and the small group especially the beautiful women I have begun to share life with, have really blessed my socks off.

4. A home. Soon you shall read of my home on my random facts list stay tuned... But seriously, the story of how I ended up off campus living with five other girls and a married upstairs is truly crazy and incredible. I think it's a true blessing.

5. The ability to run, jump, leap through the air... Now this might be a stretch for some people... If you don't know my history: I was in a wheelchair. Sometimes I forget that. And I am like, dude... I should be able to run as fast as a car drives, a cheetah, the speed of light. And I get really mad and frustrated about training or this or that... My complaining list can get pretty long sometimes. But when I take a step back: not only am I lapping the people on the couch.... But I also couldn't walk for awhile. Pretty crazy, right? Yeah... I am amazed when I force myself to remember.
6. Advocates. So... I didn't know how to put this down as something... BUT these women and men well, they are mostly women! Are incredible... The directors of A Hope 4 Lyme, Inc. are seriously incredible. They have taken my pint sized dream from High School and have kept it up and running despite my friend and I leaving and the incredibly rocky economy. They inspire me... A lot. These women, are people that really work hard at grassroots and have taught me a lot about the importance of elbow grease.

7. Healing. There is an old saying that says time heals all wounds. I think I would change that a tad bit to say: God heals all wounds in time. I have been extremely blessed to have the spiritual walk that I have had so that I have been able to see and experience God move in an incredible way. I have been able to see God move and heal not only physical things and ailments but also the healing of my heart and emotions.

8. Family. Oh. My. Goodness. I love my family... They drive me totally crazy, and make me laugh until I cry. Ultimately, knowing my family, makes me realize that God truly does have a sense of humor.

9. Passion, and COM-passion. :) I am really blessed to have a passionate heart. When I hear of certain causes, ie: sex trafficking, domestic violence, and people suffering in general... I tend to have a sense of urgency to help them. This has been a blessing and a curse. However, I am finding out that it can be such a blessing to help them and I am beginning to realize it's not written in every one's DNA.

10. Shoveling Snow. OK- this might be something that sounds so weird. But last night, I was out shoveling our sidewalk and it was a blast. I have never gotten such joy from such a mundane task. I never really had to shovel our sidewalks back home. They would get snow blown or my sister used to do it... And when she was in High School some kid she went to High School once came to do them! haha. I really felt blessed knowing we got snow this winter. It was worried we wouldn't get any more. I am one of those weird people who still gets giddy when I see snow fall.

11. Spiritual Support. I am blessed to have people surrounding me who care very deeply about my spiritual life and my spiritual health. They support me in prayer and ask me the right questions. They come alongside me in pain and suffering and I am so blessed.

12. Dish washers. Let me confess: I hate dislike washing dishes a lot. I really don't like washing dishes... However, above not liking to wash dishes: I don't like having dirty dishes sitting in my sink. However, I have been blessed to live with some wonderful women who will share the task and we carry the burden of making sure the dishes are washed before bed together. It's teamwork at it's finest.

13. I have a car. It is a pain in my butt a lot of the time. I desperately wish it was realistic to just ride my bike everywhere. However, it's not. And for this, I am really glad that I have my car. It has also been a blessing to help others out when they need a lift places.

14. I have been blessed with trials. I know I started this post out with my trials. However, I have found each one to uniquely shape me and help me become a better person and a better child of God.

15. Singleness. For some people my age, I am noticing that they have a huge issue with their singleness. It seems as though they're out on the prowl. And I guess for awhile, so was I. However, I have found this to be such a blessing. Seriously, I love being single. Right now especially: it has been really awesome to get to adventure and see things. I get to plan crazy road trips and fall in love with adventure all over again... I don't want to say that you can't do this married... However, I am really having a blast being single. :)

16. Blessed with a home. This past summer, I got to experience the whole providing my own roof over my head. I am really blessed that no matter what, I have always had a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food in my stomach.

17. A College Education. In 1999 a study was done and out of 100 Americans that was equally distributed to compose of the world's demographic. One person would have a college education. I consider myself very blessed to have a college education.

18. Medical Care. A few years ago, I did the one day without shoes campaign with Toms and I learned that people die from cuts on their feet. That's crazy, right? Well, when I learned this: I realized. 1. I had to do something. 2. I was very blessed to be in a country where I could get help for small cuts, bumps, and bruises... Or major illnesses like pneumonia. And I am very fortunate that I don't know anyone who has died from a cut on their foot.

19. I am blessed to be part of things bigger than myself. Last year I started CUFI on campus at my school and I have been involved in other various groups on campus. There is something meaningful and totally exciting about being a part of something bigger than yourself.

20. Grace. God's grace flows abundantly in my life... Every. Single. Day. And this is the biggest blessing of all.

21. Realizing that it has been difficult to come up with 21 things that I am blessed with, has made me realize that I have fallen into a minority on the top. No matter how it may feel difficult to get through certain days or finances may feel tight. I am still richer, and more blessed than a majority of the world. And in that, unfortuantely, I believe that I may even be a bit ignorant to my blessings.

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