Friday, January 27, 2012

Upload those Photos!!!

Golly, I was looking for photos the other day and realized that they weren't on my computer anywhere...

As I frantically searched through folders looking for my photos, I thought they were certainly gone forever. I was quite panic struck.

Then it hit me, the photos I took a few days, weeks... uhh well, months ago... Were still on the camera! I still haven't uploaded them! This is kind of embarrassing since I consider myself a somewhat decent photographer. I am ashamed.

It reminds me of the days as a kid when we would have a bag of rolls of film and disposable cameras and we would take them to the store and be surprised by what we developed! I remember the time my parents got doubles of photos I had taken of my baby dolls! :) How sweet right?
Maybe today after class, I will finally get around to getting these photos onto the computer... Again, with the procrastinating! Gosh!

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