Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Twelve things for 2012

Wow! I can barely believe it's 2012 already... In years past I have been on top of things. However, this year, I allowed thanksgiving to pass without giving thanks, and Christmas to pass without a mention of Jesus' birthday (surprising when I was awarded a Christmas spirit award when I did this giving back effort!). I digress, and apologize for my absence. Over the past few months...

I have moved, traveled to two different states, and moved again... Went speed-dating, met the love of my life, fell madly in love, and eloped to a small island just off the Caribbean. 

Just kidding about the last part... But seriously: life has been crazy busy. I went to Kansas City, MO and San Antonio, TX less than a day apart and moved the day I got back, to come back to school! I have to admit, I have enjoyed every minute of the crazy life I lived but let's be real: it's time to get back in the grind and finish up my degree.

Last year I had a nice little synopsis of the previous year...

This year, in an effort to keep things new and exciting... I bring you Twelve for '12.

1. Eat healthier! I tend to forget to eat when things get busy... This year I would like to make an effort to get better at cooking and eating three balanced meals a day! This is tough cooking for one...

2. Trip advisor has a list of top things to do in Rochester, where I go to school. I would like to go to at least 1/2 of them. So 10 of the 20 places on the list. Especially the Museum of play!! It looks so fun!

3. Do some sort of exercise every day and run at least 5 days a week. Since I ran Cross Country, I have slacked off in exercise... I really miss it and I miss the mood boost it gave me. Next year, I would really like to run a marathon!

4. Achieve at least a 3.7 both semesters. I still am aiming for a 4.0 before the end of my college career. I have come close but still no cigar.

5. Become more connected. I would really like to spend more face time with those I care about. Enough of this texting and phone calls!

6. Go backpacking! I have never been on a prolonged backpacking trip. But I really would love to go on one. Let the planning begin! I would love to go out to Colorado. I don't really know anything about Colorado but a lady I met in the airport said it's great for backpacking!

7. Visit one new place each month. Whether it's a coffee shop, or a hiking trail. Just check out unique and different places to visit!

8. Read the Bible more. It's something I haven't done nearly enough of and would really like to gain a better understanding...

9. Visit more churches in Rochester! I would like to really check out some different churches in Rochester and see the different cultures within churches. I think it's so easy to get into your comfort zone and stay at the church that doesn't necessarily challenge you or is just like the church you have gone to since you were a kid.

10. Start a bible study/ prayer group. I started a prayer group back home and it was such a positive experience... I would really like to start something similar here in Rochester.

11. Take a multivitamin every day! This is something I stink at doing. I always see it as an accessory pill. However, people say that they really help.

12. Learn more board games... I would really like to learn more board games and host game nights on a regular basis.

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