Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Place #1

Place: Yogen Fruz
Product ordered: Mint Chocolate Chip
Ambiance: 0 points on a scale 1-10, I cheated a bit: it was at the mall in a kiosk.
Taste: 4 I wasn't overly impressed with the taste, I have had awesome frozen yogurt that tasted much better... However, I have heard other flavors are better. Perhaps if I am feeling daring, I will try another flavor some day.
Nutritional Value: 7 Pretty good! The calories are relatively low in comparison to their ice cream counterparts.

Over-all experience: O-K. I stopped by the little kiosk because I kept walking by it and there was always a line. Usually you can tell by the long lines that the product being sold is de-lish! However, I was utterly disappointed. I was ready to taste something very fantastic, perhaps I had too high of hopes! Stay tuned for the next adventure...

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