Monday, January 23, 2012

What makes you feel beautiful??

Photo Credit: Clémence Floris However, fun fact: I do have that lamp and it's on my night stand! :)

I was browsing around the internet yesterday and I came across this article. The first page, Anne Roiphe writes about her husbands words and how they made her feel beautiful.

The honesty in her writing literally stands on the page and really draws you into the scene she paints and creates. It made me ponder what makes me feel beautiful, and how to just be comfortable in the skin I am in.

I don't know if I am totally sold out and happy with the body I have been given, ocassionally I look at myself and wish I had something different. However, a lot of days I am pretty content just being me! I hope some day, I will have a partner in crime that can reflect with me as Anne's husband did.

However, today, I am looking up to a creator... And ultimately, after I am old and grey... If I am fortunate enough to grow wise with years... I will be face to face with him and my biggest dream to be answered would be when the creator of the world tells me, I am beautiful, and well done to a faithful servant.

May I be honored to be in the presence of the King. I yearn to have an encounter with the Lord that is approving. However, today, I walk around the creation of His and look up into the sky and am amazed by the beauty and complexity simplicty of it all.

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