Monday, January 30, 2012

Project 21 Day #3

Today's edition of Project 21 is brought to you by Favorite foods. Here are 21 Favorite foods!!

1. Pizza.

2. Pomegranates.

3. Salad. No seriously, I am not even saying this just to be good. I really love a good salad with lots of stuff layered on top of it. Especially fruit!

4. Kiwi. I have loved this since I was a little girl! SO good.

5. Mango.

6. My momma's Chicken and Biscuits!

7. A good juicy hamburger with tomatoes on top and some lettuce! YUM!!

8. Steak. I was raised in a home where steak was served quite a bit and my dad supported 4H. I used to hate steak... However, since I have been away from it: I have developed a healthy appreciation for steak again.

9. Chocolate. Is this a food? I don't know. However, when I am in the mood: I love me a good piece of chocolate. However, I have found that this along with other sweet things... I have to be in the mood for them.

10. Chicken. I love chicken. I really enjoy grilled chicken, fried chicken, however it's prepared! I usually will eat it right up! I don't know why but it's my favorite meat. Like Bubba was with shrimp... That's me with chicken.

11. Hummus. Especially the Roasted Red Pepper Kind.

12. Appetizers! I love these things... Lots of little foods to just browse through! So you can have a little of everything. Now that's my kind of food!

13. Applesauce. I love me some good ole' fashioned home canned applesauce. It's delicious. If you have never had it... Leave a comment if you're local and I can hook you up with a can! :)

14. Apples. Especially when I am sick, I crave them... They are so good. I remember when I used to get the stomach bug when I was a kid... Apples were one of the first foods I wanted when I started to feel better.

15. Girl Scout Cookies... Especially Thin Mints. After being a Girl Scout for years, up into High School... There is something nostalgic about eating a Girl Scout Cookie.

16. Pumpkin Pie. I love to make pie... I really like my Pumpkin pie the best... However, I also enjoy Apple Pie and Cherry Pie... However, the best Cherry Pie is the kind with really pitted cherries.

17. Newman's Own Cookies... The ones that look like Oreos. These are one of my weaknesses. I love them! They are sooo good. I don't know why, but the packages always seem smaller than they were before. I wish I could eat them all in one sitting. Must. Practice. Self-Control. Haha. For the record: Hint O' Mint are the best.

18. Orange Juice. Is this a food or a juice? I guess it's more of a drink. BUT: I love to have this every morning with breakfast and it's really amazing.

19. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Filled cupcakes. As seen here they have been one of my favorite recipes to make. I made them last year all the time and they have always been a big hit!

20. Cheese Raviolis from Olive Garden. I tend to find a dish I like and then stick with it at restaurants. This is a dish that  I have never been disappointed in. They are so good. I don't know what's going on with my font... So disregard the random italics.

21. ANY dish that I don't have to cook. Living on my own and making my own meals has brought me to the conclusion that any meal that I didn't prepare always tastes a little better! :) 

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