Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

So, I guess if I am going to have a blog to inform people... Maybe I should update it a little more frequently than I do. I apologize for that. It takes so long for me to actually focus on the blog I find little time to actually do it. Ah well, here I am to update.

The hustle and bustle of Christmas and the holiday season is coming to a close alas. I found myself with one of the most rewarding and exciting Christmas' in my whole life. I am truly blessed with the love and compassion that over fills this household and I am so glad that I have such a great support system.

Well, I will go on chronological order thanks to my trusty cellular device I have the exact events that occurred each day since the 19th.

On the 19th, I visited the school playing my part as Santa Claus although I did not come decked out in a red suit or a burly white beard I did however bring gifts. Delivering them to the nurses office and my Art teacher and getting to see my Art class was extremely exciting. I stayed for about 45 minutes and then made my way home, we got a little worried after seeing the nurse run down the hall with a wheelchair and the bright orange bag. Things are never good when you see the nurse running! That night was pretty uneventful...

The next day the 20th, I got to go see the little boy I babysit in his school concert. What a laugh! It was quite humorous and I couldn't help but giggle at all of the children up there singing and well being goofy with the over dressed little girls and the ADHD little boys it was completely hysterical. Then I was caught with two unplanned surprises after the holiday concert! I was hobbling my way to the front door as a caravan of cars approached my house... Now I thought to myself this can't be for me because Ashley only said she had a and I quote small surprise. But yes her and her church came to sing me Christmas carols and delivered me a plate of delicious Christmas cookies. That was a first having carolers come to my door. Then Sarah brought me a beautiful necklace, by far my favorite Christmas gift of all! It was absolutely heartwarming to receive such a thoughtful gift and knowing it came from my whole lunch table back at school I was very grateful and I feel truly blessed as I have said before to have such a wonderful group of friends. Then I went to bed knowing the true meaning of utter exhaustion. (the necklace says "Lyme Fighter")
The 22nd is the next day of which I have news to report where I got to go to spend time with the kids I babysit for and we exchanged presents! It was quite a full day and I was extra tired upon my arrival home.

The 23rd I went to church and felt the overwhelming love of my church family as they encouraged me and noted my progress out of the wheelchair and onto my feet in the walker. It was so nice to have a tad bit of enthusiasm as I walked instead of wheeled around the church. Although with walking comes a little bit more exhaustion and I returned home to nap before... Our family got together and we spent time together for our holiday dinner. We say we partook in a Verizon commercial of which we phoned my grandfather in FL to say the Christmas prayer. If only we could have pulled the blinds on the windows up revealing a Verizon network that never stopped working for us, our commercial would've been complete.
Christmas Eve, the 24th was spent going to church, and going to my Aunt Diane and Uncle Eddie's house for the Wilcox dinner and then went to our family friend Cheryl's house for a little while as well.
Christmas day was ever so exciting and I was overwhelmed with the gifts. Our day was complete with a large and filling ham dinner and we got home so that I could settle in for a night of R&R.
The 27th ground breaking news was made! I took my first few steps and then declared I was "ditching the walker!" I decided there was only one way to get better and that was to get walking and show my strength. Despite pain in my various joints in my legs and not quite having total feeling back in my legs I am ready to take on walking about without the walker although I haven't really left the house yet... It was pretty big.
Today more news came from the medical prospective and Dr. L from Armonk called with our follow up appointment and was able to save us gas mileage by calling us and hosting a phone appointment. It sure was interesting being at my Doctors appointment in the comfort of my home. He suggested that I see two other neurologists and helped us come to some more decisions about the seizures stating that my mother should make her best maternal decision on what action steps should be taken upon me having a seizure. Due to our great concern of what the people in Rochester said saying we should not call 911. He also explained each of the tests that he did and the results which was nice because we hadn't had that done ever before. With the conclusion of that phone call we have two more doctors to consult with and no bad news to report which pretty much in my book means good news! No bad news! So with the slow but progressing good news I am very relieved to say I am happy that I can walk again even if it's a little more unsteady and unbalanced and I can't really feel much all of this will come with time. My appetite is still one to be desired and I don't really enjoy eating or find food to be anything great most of the time that too will come with time. So for now I say good night and I hope to write a bit more frequently than I have been lately. Thank you for your continued prayer and support.

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