Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We went to the Dr.s appointment with Dr.C. We mostly discussed what went on while at Strong. Vic has been seeing her therapist hopefully this will be helping with everything.
I borrowed a walker from Vic's dads cousin. This seems to be the ticket. she couldn't balance and walk. But now she can. She stands up straight and looks great. I was going to ask about physical therapy at the Dr.s apt. but we talked about so much more I forgot and so did everyone else. I gave Dr. C Dr. L's phone # so
tomorrow we should know what the answer is.
This has been extremely hard for all of us to understand. With lots of prayers, for Vic, the Dr.'s , Paul and I, hopefully we will have some understanding or answers as what this next step should be in
regards to Victoria's health.
Vic's Mom, Denise

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