Monday, December 10, 2007

No news is pretty much good news!

The weekend brought a good day and a semi-decent day. Saturday was full of rest and relaxation and a little bit of frustration. I couldn't feel more of my legs and I was pretty beat and slept in kind of late.

Sunday was wonderful in the chance that I got to be out of the house ALL day! It wasn't planned that way but it was really nice and pretty much wiped me out but, I had a blast. I went to church first and everyone was really happy to see me. Then my mom said I could pick one place to go to because she wasn't going to get me in and out of the car again and again. (It's a lot of work). So I chose the mall since I figured it would be the most stores I could go to all in one shot and I wanted to get some
Christmas shopping done. So we hit all of the major stores and I got pretty much everyone bought for and I was content. So I texted my friend Jess who was supposed to come over to my house and she happened to be at the mall too. So she asked me if I wanted to see a movie, and we went to see a golden compass. Although it stressed my parents out so much to leave me at the theater and or mall by myself with just my friend so, they came and sat just outside of the movie theater in the food court and waited for me.

After, I was beat! So we dropped Jess off at her house and ventured home. Now following the very hectic and busy day I am very
exhausted still and really sore even though I did no walking whatsoever. Probably will hang low today and get some little things done around the house now all of my focus is on getting better because, I feel pretty crummy today and getting ready for my Christmas party this weekend. I am extremely excited to be having everyone over at the house and I think it will be nice to see all of their faces!

Glad I have no terribly bad news to report. Hope everyone had a good weekend as well.



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