Thursday, December 13, 2007

Today I go to the doctors, first time since the foot thing. With hopes of answers and a good cheer. I am so grateful that I have one doctor at least that I am confident in and that I can go to in hopes of being taken good care of.

The days have been frustrating and long and the nights even longer these past few days... Kinda dragged out and boring. I just want to push that fast forward button to the better days ahead. We've discussed many different treatment options and we have lots of questions for this appointment today. I don't know what it'll take but I am willing to do just about anything to get back on my feet. Soon I hope to be back in school and back with my friends getting back to my life.

Until then- I write here and I re learn to walk. Hopefully I will be up on crutches soon! I have been working hard and the feeling is slowly coming back to my feet. Which is definitely a positive.

With Love,

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