Sunday, December 16, 2007

An old friend's IM reminded me my blogging community had not been updated in the latest of the days. So here's how the story unfolds:

Thursday's appointment was cancelled by the doctor! Due to the weather they were closing up shop early which was disappointing because I was all geared to go see him. Well kinda anyways. So we re scheduled the appointment for Monday at 4:15 so now my mother and father and I can all be in attendance. We're all looking forward to hearing Dr. Cillip's side of things tomorrow.

Friday I got to go to Wal*Mart with my Aunt and that was an adventure in itself getting into the car out of the car through the parking lot dodging puddle after puddle and into the store. Passing those glorious bell ringers on the way in made me remember my noise sensitivity loud and clear. I got the basics done and on our way out we happened to run into a friends mother and chatted a bit. It's always nice hearing from people due to my constant isolation the doctor has me in lately. I got home and laid in bed and realized lots of my Lyme symptoms were coming around and I felt awful. I was aching and my body was in a great amount of pain I feared my party the next day and went to bed praying things would clear up.

Positive things do happen to positive people!! An e-mail to lift my spirits from Mr. Daly rang true on Saturday morning I was back to my typical sickness and I could help clean and prepare with everyone else. Although my mood was a little less than desirable. Everyone came and everything ran smoothly! A few extra people were brought a long as well. All is well that ends well the party was a great success and I had a blast seeing everyone from school was absolutely wonderful and I couldn't ask for a more caring and loving group of friends.

Today has been going well power of prayer does pay off! I am standing on my own now which is such a mood booster I think for all of us. My balance is to be desired so walking is very very difficult on me but is becoming more and more possible. I am so grateful that I am getting the use of my legs back and I am getting back on my feet. It's amazing how much better I feel but, there is still a long road yet to travel. I am very thankful for everything everyone has helped with and once and awhile I still receive a card from someone and it's so nice to know so many people care and are praying for me and following my story. The love behind us and the positive comments and caring thoughts definitely cushion the bumps along the way.

Tonight's end wouldn't be complete without including the biggest part of the day. We received a phone call from an infectious disease doctor this evening. (A pastor at our church's father) Now to most Lymie's this would be a complete shock and scare but by the grace of God this man was put into our path. He spoke with my mother for some time on the phone and was able to calm her about a lot. He also discussed going back on IV and everything and sounds like that's the ticket. At this point it will probably take 2 years of me on IV to get completely Lyme free. Ah yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Hearing the IV stuff is very exciting, frustrating, nerve racking, confusing, ahhh it's so much! :) I am just not sure what to think but I will probably be getting a picc line in at some point this week and as most of you know this will be number 3. I am ready for it and if this is the ticket to the road to recovery I am on board.

I want to take just one last moment, I know this is a long blog for me but after reading the message from my friend I want to say thank you to each and every one of you reading this right now. I may not know you, or know you well or you could be very close to me but for some reason you have been drawn to my story and you have read my blog. With this I want you and everyone to know that it's truly inspiring to have such a strong support system like I have right now. Each day that it is tough there is always always always someone there to catch me and each day that I reach a new victory and overcome one small hurdle there is someone there to be excited and rejoice with me. It really makes a difference having people be supportive of me in my battle to recovery and I am so deeply and sincerely thankful for each and every person this horrible disease has brought into my life. Thank you again for your support and continued prayer. I hope to continue bringing you good news and keep the positive thoughts coming!

With Love,


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